Arsenio's Brain

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hey, it could happen

I wake up muzzy and disoriented. The only thing I know for sure is that I'm in great danger. I try to escape, stumbling through doors and clambering through windows. I even smash through a redwood fence at one point.

Just when I think I've gotten away, though, they capture me and bring me back to the headquarters.

Arsenio Hall is there. He's very friendly, and explains to me that I've agreed to lend him my brain, or my intellect, or some indefinable part of me (which is why I've been so disoriented) to be his sidekick on his talk show. While my brain is in use as a "virtual sidekick," my body - me - has been put in cryogenic suspension. I'll get my brain back later.

This all sounds good to me, until I remember somehow that I had my own talk show. Arsenio, that evil bastard, kidnapped my mind and coerced it into being his second-banana just to get rid of the competition!

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