Atomic Cakes

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this explains everything

I dreamed I saw a UFO, clear as day in a clear blue sky. It was lavender, translucent, and coming closer. I dreamed that the universe was conspiring to get me to believe in it. I dreamed I saw a ghost - multiple ghosts, my father's father behind him, and my mother's mother behind her. I dreamed I saw the future. I dreamed the phrase "atomic cakes" (or something very like it). And then I woke up.

I fell asleep again, and dreamed that I saw, or was, a woman named Gandhi, who was digging a trench through a field. A band of mounted soldiers came upon her and helped her dig the trench, making it wider and deeper behind her. She fell to weeping with joy, and somehow this explained everything about the possibility of good in the universe.


The words above are just a pale shadow of what I felt when I awoke the second time. All our problems would have been solved, if only I'd written down the solution in time.

October 29, 2006

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