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Early in the morning on December 20, 2000, I woke up from a dream in which local radio talent Daria O'Neill, then of KNRK (94.7 FM), said on the air that I was "in the clique" - meaning, the group of special friends she's had starting with high school. This appeared to be on the basis of this very website, because I got a glimpse of her looking at it. I had some trouble hearing the actual announcement she made and only got to tune in on the aftermath.

This occurred while I was sitting at the south end of the table in the breakfast nook of my parent's house in Huntington, WV. I'd been trying to get through (on the phone?) and hadn't been having any luck.

The news filled me with probably inordinate glee and I went around the house chanting "I'm in the clique, I'm in the clique" and looking for someone to tell.

The funny thing is that I'd gone to bed thinking that I wanted specifically to have a dream where a beautiful woman would do what I wanted her to... guess I got my wish.

December 20, 2000

Real life intruded...

But I'm thinking that I'm mad at Daria; her Local Entertainment Guide the morning after called Big Bird a "big goony walking flightless putz." Sure, in context it was funny, but we're talking Big Bird here, not Barney. Cultural icon status. She also called Santa a "crafty bastard," but at least she apologized for that one.

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