Llanerin Swapney

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It is a huge cruise ship, an isolated yet mammoth indoor community with lots of nooks and crannies. Exploring is not forbidden here, so I am poking around, looking for the library, which is called Llanerin Swapney. I never actually find the library, though I do come across a tall, deep-voiced black man who introduces himself as "Zanzibar," with a shorter, hyperactive companion named "Mkele Mbuthu." We're in a wide ballroom, that looks as if it runs the width of the ship.

There is a raffle going on. I'm determined to win. I have two ten dollar bills and about ten singles. It's a dollar a ticket. Zanzibar offers me some kind of luck, and I say, "Hell, if I win I'll give you ten bucks!" For some reason I don't consider the possibility that he might be offended by my offer of money. This huge cruise ship is perfectly capable of supporting panhandlers.

Anyway, I win whatever it was there was to win, and I'm very proud of myself for remembering to pay Zanzibar the ten dollars I owe him.

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