noses pressed up against the fence

Alan P. Scott - Fictions

more semi than auto

I could be weird. I could be trying to connect. I could be in a bus station somewhere, trying to connect. I could be grabbing hands and meeting eyes, trying to break through the contract, drawing the attention of security guards and bored passengers from other lines. I could be weeping. I could be holding on to the hands of an old man, older than I am, as he looks embarrassed and tries to pull away. I could let him go. I could let you go. I could allow myself to be escorted outside. I could be getting on a bus I didn't want to take. I could be sitting on a bench at another stop. I could be weeping.

But... (you were waiting for that). Only some of what I say is true. I am trying to connect. I am at a bus station. I have the hands of an old man, though they are my own. I am sitting on a bench. I am weird. I could be weeping.


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