The Rectilians

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Some precocious kid on the news had called those first aliens the Rectilians, and the name had stuck. It did fit—scaly and boxy, they were fearsome creatures to behold, horned toads writ large and robotic, from an evolutionary path never taken on this Earth.

And suddenly they were everywhere, on vid and in person, tramping through the halls of government, expressionless in their heavy golden powered armor, shielded against the cold of our rocky planet.

Inside, of course, the Rectilians were gentle and benign, our Galactic allies.

It was the Tum-Tum Woozums we had to watch out for.

Title by Olivia, either misheard or misstated 1/26/2010

©2010 Alan P. Scott. All rights reserved.

Last updated January 28, 2010

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