Shep's Big Catch

Alan P. Scott - Fictions - 100-word stories

just think of the movie!

Shep and me play Frisbee in the park, every day. He's damn good, too, but we weren't at the park, and 'tweren't daylight. But when Shep seen that flyin' saucer come hoovering real low, I couldn't stop him. Tried like hell, too.

Shep just jumps, higher'n I knowed he could. Clamped onto the tail of thet saucer like my neighbor's damn Vee-Dubya bumper, and hung on until it went down hard.

That's how y'all discovered Their invasion plans in time.

Now, I did train him... so I'm right pleased to accept your medal for Shep, the Dog what Saved the World.

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