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Try to ascertain the dimensions of the space you're in. A dark tunnel with white light at the end is only one possibility. Others include a grand plaza built of pink sandstone, with a marble fountain in the center, and a small white waiting room or vestibule with high ceilings. You may be alone; conversely, you may be surrounded by other travelers. Be friendly, but do not expect to become close friends with anyone else you meet. Your destinations are unlikely to be the same. You may recognize some of the people you meet on your journey; do not be dismayed, however, if they fail to recognize you, or even sometimes to see you at all. The journey is not the important part of the journey, although it is important that you embark in the right spirit.

To that end, examine the baggage and clothing you have been given. Although it is not uncommon to find yourself traveling naked and with nothing to encumber you, more often you will find yourself dressed in something familiar. Make sure your garb is comfortable and not tight-fitting - you have a long way to go. You may be holding a suitcase, a briefcase or valise, or even stranger articles - a bird cage, a gun. Resist the temptation to cling to these things if they become too difficult to carry - such impediments are not prohibited, but you will not need them in the end. Take some time to examine your footwear; transport is sometimes available, but runs on no given schedule, and may not go where you want to go. Plan to be afoot for an extended period.

Above all, remember to maintain a light heart as you embark. Your attitude will protect you should you meet the fourayim or other beasts en route. You can be distracted, but you cannot be halted, by anything or anyone you encounter. With constancy of purpose, your goal is assured.

Good luck!

November 1, 2003

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