Trepan Alley

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mind expansion the hard way

Due to an unspecified brain malfunction, or maybe merely in a spirit of experimentation, I had myself trepanned - someone (maybe me) sawed off the top of my skull! We (there was someone with me, though I don't know who) put some of my brain into a cup, and mixed it up, and put it back in. I think this was to correct some kind of problem I'd been having, the theory being that it would confuse whatever parasites had invaded my brain.

When I tried to reattach my skull, though, I found that it wouldn't quite fit!

The rest of the dream was gruesomely hilarious, as I went around the large terminal building holding my skull on with one hand, walking very carefully lest some of my brain slop out, trying to find someone who could suture my skull back to my head. I was worried about it drying out, which would make it impossible to reattach. I was not so worried about losing bits of my brain; the stuff had a consistency more like rubber cement than like Jell-O.

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