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Hard as it may be to believe, not everything I've written is on this website. Reprint rights to my already-published work are available, of course, but this page lists some stories I've completed that have not yet appeared anywhere. If any of these are of interest to you, perhaps to purchase for your magazine or upcoming anthology... please feel free to contact me!

The Octopus Rides Free
A surreal tale of a boy and his octopus in a desiccated post-catastrophe environment. The rejection I received from Strange Horizons called it "pleasantly loopy." One of my longest single works, at almost 7,000 words.
On Sabbath We Sing
Not quite 600 words, an Alternative Jehovah (q.v.) prompted by an Annie Dillard quote.
A profane and paranoid little story (about 1,500 words) about where writers really get their ideas.

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