Why Man Creates

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Years ago, I was shown a 16-mm fable about a ping-pong ball that bounced higher than its brethren...

The Internet Movie Database tells me that the film was "Why Man Creates," a 29-minute production of Elaine and Saul Bass in association with Kaiser Aluminum from 1968.

It seems there are others who remember this film as fondly as I do; when I checked on it on November 19, 1998, it had received 16 votes from users of the database, with a combined rating of 9.9.

I am frequently asked where one can get the film. I checked it out of the public library, using a marvelous program called Inter-Library Loan (ILL). If you want to own it, though, apparently that's also possible. The film is available (as of January 2002, anyway) on VHS tape through Pyramid Direct for about US$45.00. (I am not affiliated with this company, by the way; I found 'em via a search engine, just as you may.)

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