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As a self-described "First Amendment fundamentalist," I cannot bring myself to call for censorship of viewpoints with which I disagree - even of those with which I disagree strongly. I do not believe that anyone has a right to avoid being offended, and in fact believe that most offense is taken, not given.

But if I were to begin a campaign against unbridled freedom of speech, I think I would start with these examples - every one an incident I witnessed myself:

But my point is that, despite my outrage at the perpetrators of these examples, they nevertheless have the inalienable right to express these opinions - just as I have the right to mock them mercilessly. The First Amendment is useless if it supports only unobjectionable speech... it is precisely that speech at which some take offense which is most in need of legal recognition of its inherent right to exist.

If you see something on my pages to which you take offense, feel free to tell me about it. I'll listen. Just don't expect me to stop.

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