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The basement-buried science fiction section in world-famous City Lights bookstore. San Francisco, CA. March 22, 2011

It used to bother me when I'd go into a video store or bookstore and have to go all the way to the back to find the science fiction & fantasy section. But then I figured out why that always happens.

It's simple: SF is a staple—a necessary item, that customers don't really have to be enticed to buy. Like milk, in grocery stores; they put it in the back because then you have to walk past all of the flashy, unnecessary stuff that they have to try so hard to sell to you.

Sure, not everyone wants SF—but not everyone drinks milk, either. For those who do, it's not something we're going to buy just once; we'll be back again next week or next month, walking past the specials and coupon deals to get to the back of the store for what we need.

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