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Remember that when someone says he's cool, he's automatically not? Well, that applies to The Cool Surface, too. Oh, sure, Teri Hatcher's in it... nekkid, and that's certainly a plus. But Hatcher's nude body is the only thing this movie has going for it, and that wasn't nearly enough (even in the "uncut" version) to redeem this film, so inept in every other way that it was actively painful to watch. The acting was bad at best. The writing was self-conscious and sophomoric. The cinematography was amateurish. The plot's wanderings were unbelievable. The costumes and hairstyles looked as if they'd come from a 70s-era porn film, though there was no obvious reason for them to have. What I'm saying here is, don't see this film, even if you drool at the thought of Lois Lane in the buff. Save yourself - it's just not worth it.


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