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never heard of 'im

A short mockumentary from New Zealand about the unsung (unheard-of, in fact) film pioneer Colin McKenzie. I found it through a review in The Onion.

In technical terms it was very, very well done, at least to my amateur's eyes... almost too well-done, in fact, because it ended up coming off like a typically dry documentary, not very personally engaging. The movie has been compared to Woody Allen's classic Zelig, but I don't really think they're similar at all, other than both being about people who never existed. Zelig was a lot funnier... Forgotten Silver redefines "deadpan."

The video also came with a bonus short film called "Signing Off" that turned out to be better at holding my interest than what preceded it... it was a punchy little thing about a radio DJ's last day playing ballroom classics, funny in spots, with good effects and camera work and with a subtle, touching ending.

Despite what may seem like faint praise, I think the bottom line is that the package is definitely worth a rental, if you can find it. I suspect BallBuster Video doesn't carry NZ indie projects in its usual maws.

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