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Cover ArtBulk lives up to its name. There are 42 cuts on two CDs in one (rather flimsy) jewel case. And, Bulk is cheap ($11.98 list price), as bulk should be.

But the resemblance to a mass-produced commodity ends there. Logan is as versatile and eclectic a performer as I've ever heard. His songs evoke artists as varied as Translator, the Doors, Robert Johnson (King of the Delta Blues Singers), the Velvet Underground, Tom Waits (without the gravel), early Psychedelic Furs, Uncle Tupelo... plus a generous helping of the kind of down-home yeehaw that fellow townsfolk and labelmates The Dashboard Saviors have turned into a trademark.

(Short Shameful Connection: I should state at this point that I am not an employee or relative of any employees of any of the organizations mentioned herein. This is not an ad. However, at one time I was the bass player for Wenton Gone, two members of which belong(ed) to The Dashboard Saviors, whose work is featured prominently on Bulk. If I were properly loyal to them I would be pushing their third CD, Love Sorrow Hatred Madness, but frankly I can't get into the kind of country-fried rock they've been playing lately as much as I'd like to for their sake. I will however recommend without reservation The Dashboard Saviors' first effort, Kitty, which is altogether more Dylanesque and less twangy.)

Anyway, if you like rock at all, I find it difficult to believe that you won't find at least two cuts you enjoy... the sheer inventiveness of the man is impressive. Not to mention which, the package has amazingly high production values, considering that the 42 cuts on the album (yes, I still call them albums) were culled from over 600 songs recorded between 1979 and 1993 on equipment ranging from four-track cassette decks to 16-track reel-to-reel, in basements and apartments all over Athens, Georgia. Apart from some artful-sounding raggedness, these songs are clean and well-produced; the vocals are crisp and the instruments clearly delineated.

More information about Jack Logan and Bulk, a Medium Cool-Twin/Tone release, is available on the 'Web - check out his home page.

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