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an exhibit of L.A. graffiti

Undercover Aces (lagraf00.jpg)
An Exhibit of Graffiti Art from Los Angeles

These photographs were taken in 1989, in a vacant lot near the intersection of Beverly Boulevard and Vermont Street in Los Angeles, California. The original paintings no longer exist.

A graffiti writer of 15 years called "The Prophet" tells me that the Undercover Aces I have here was done by, or at least designed by, an artist called "Besk." The Prophet goes on to say that others called "Make" and "Like" hit this lot also. "Dope" is from the old L.A. crew called MWA (Most Wanted Artists, or Mexicans with Attitude), who were one of L.A.'s bigger crews, along with KWS (Kings with Style). UCA was not as large as other crews, but made up for that, says the Prophet, with talent and daring. Dope was also a member of MWA - at the time, MWA and UCA had possible problems; The Prophet has a later photograph of the "Besk Make-Like!" with MWA "side busting" them.

Most graffiti are nothing more than territorial pissings (credit Nirvana for that aptness), no better than a dog with a spray can might do... but these are art, and I do believe that the high level of craftsmanship displayed here deserves some sort of recognition.
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