Cool Reception

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D        G           Bm
It was a very cool reception.
D                              G             Bm A
The couple on the cake had the best time of all.
    D             G                Bm
The bride arrived at the very last minute.
  D                 G                   Bm A
Nobody expected the groom to make it at all.

There were too many kisses, and not enough presents.
There were too many tuxedos, and all of the ushers were bald.
The minister hid in the coatroom and swallowed down whiskey,
And he wouldn't come out even when we all stood there and called.

           F#m                                      Bm
There were whispers of pregnancy, and whispers of adultery.
                F#m                                        Bm
Yeah there were whispers of anything everything under the sun.
    F#m                                             Bm
The bride was beset on all sides by her strange relations.
         F#m                                     A
Yeah but who ever said that gettin' married was fun?

(instrumental break - one verse long, as above)

It was a very cool reception.
Her stepmother's poodle licked the icing off of the cake.
It was clear to the crowd that the couple was sure to be happy.
She just couldn't bend and nobody had taught him to brake.

It was a very cool reception.
The groom showed up in a stolen yellow pickup truck.
She climbed in the back and proceeded to give him directions,
But he just ignored them and drove off entrusting to luck.

There were motions to prosecute, and motions to give 'em a medal.
Somebody started a fund to provide for the desperate two.
But the bride and the groom ended safe in a room in Vancouver,
Where they quickly discovered a couple of fun things to do...

D G Bm
D G Bm A
D G Bm
G A D.

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