Footprints on the Moon

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do you remember?

Em (bar)
In older times the rockets climbed

    B               A
And we stood firm behind them waiting

Em (bar)
For our turn to ride the burning

B           A               B--A
Pillar to a new beginning.

We left our footprints on the Moon
Then left them there forgotten.
And when the Seven lost their wings
Nobody even caught 'em.

Do you remember how they died?

G             A
Challenger in bloom?

Do you think we'll ever see those

G                 A
Footprints on the moon?

We've only got one more frontier
Not out, but up, the wagons go
And we must hold their memories dear
The ones before, the ones who follow.

The falling of the Seven is a challenge to us all.
They did not go in vain unless we never go at all.
The dying of the Seven it was sad and all too soon.
But I won't rest until my feet make
Footprints on the Moon.


And now fourteen.

©1988, 1996 Alan P. Scott. All rights reserved.

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