Gods of the Air

Alan P. Scott - Verses


     unlock the key
to rightbrain potential
     batter down the war
between hemispheres
     create from the rubble
of consciousness
     actual gods of air

     open up the doorless wall
inside and out becoming
     one by one to pull the bricks
from crumbling mortar
     and become one
one and one, self and other
     one to none

     got of suffering,
we beseech thee to
     generate music
with melody
     we seek thee in rites
of distant sands
     gods shot down from the air

     if the sand is wet
and burning
     does the ocean care?
and if the land beseech thee
     to envelop it, to then reply,
I'm burning too.

     god of deliverance
we beseech thee deliver us
     from the blindness of our own making
from the making of our own blindness
     from ourselves

     god of perseverance
grant us this simple prayer
     to make us other than we are
to make us like gods of the air
     to make decisions for us
so that we may be free

     god of flag and country
do you have blood under your nails
     do you have nails in fresh-cut pine
do you have regrets?
     god of my intention
do you speak with right brain or left
     or center stage, eager for applause

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