Knight in Rusty Armor

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sappy ballad


(vocals a la Medieval troubadour; guitar fingerpicked same same - the devil's in the details. This song was composed to begin with underneath a viaduct, on my way to an assignation.)

Intro:  C Em Am G F G C

   F               G
If I'm a knight at all
      C         Em    Am  G
I'm a knight in rusty armor
   F                   G
My lance has long been broken
       C          Em   Am   G
And my shield has long been gone
  F            G
I have no Arab charger
        C       Em      Am    G
Just my own two feet to carry me
      F                       G
I'm a knight in rusty armor
(tacet)                       C Em Am G F G C
And I'm waitin' for the dawn.

No angel shares my vigil.
I'm alone upon the battlefield.
I bear no shining standard
To lead against the foe.
No oaken wood or trusty steel
To defend me from my enemies.
I'm a knight in rusty armor
And I'm hopin' for the dawn.

     C           G
That rusty armor weighs on me
     F                 C
Down through the weary years
            Am              Em
Though I've tried hard to remove it
   F              G
By oilin' it with tears.
       C              G
But the armor's rusted solid by my
F                C
Sorrow, rage and pride
      Am              Em
And I know I'll never force it
   F         G
To open from inside.

So I make this invitation
For a maiden fair to rescue me
To free me from my prison
To free me from my fears.
Release me from my armor
And my own true heart I pledge to thee.
I'm a knight in rusty armor
And I'm waiting here for you.

C Em Am G F G C

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