Nightmares Are Easier

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schadenfreude sans malice

It's not schadenfreude; it's not that spiteful. I don't know if there is a word at all for that shameful happiness you feel when in her despair she finally turns to you for comfort.

It doesn't matter. In the course of my brief and unrequited relationship with the one who is the subject of this song, I never did feel that emotion.

Except in dreams.


[Verse: G Bm Em Asus A x2
 Chorus: F#m A F#m Bm F#m E Asus A]

G            Bm
head on your pillow
Em       Asus A
eyes are open
G        Bm
wait for goodbyes
Em    Asus A Asus A
never spoken

F#m              A
dreams aren't as free
F#m                  Bm
as we'd like them to be
    F#m   E
and nightmares
    Asus A  Asus A
are easier

eyes are tracking
rapid motion
no one promised, so it
can't be broken


cold awakening
why are my cheeks wet?
head on my pillow
eyes unseeing
her caressing
her affection
my imagining
nightmares are easier.


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