The Ballad of Luke Skywalker

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To the tune of Allan Sherman's "Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh" (the "Camp Granada" song), which is itself to the tune of "Dance of the Hours," from the opera La Gioconda by Amilcare Ponchielli (1834-1886)

Hello Yoda
Hello Boba
How I wish that
Ben Kenoba
Would get back here
Very quickly
'Cause Darth Vader's got me and I'm feelin' sickly.

3PO is
Knocked to pieces
Never ceases
To be tumbled,
Thrown and beaten--
They are funnier than Carson, Hope or Keaton!

Take me home
Oh Ben Kenobi
Take me home
I feel so woebe-
Gone because
Darth Vader is my dad
And I
Don't even get the girl.

Han is missing
(Sorry, Chewie)
And the Falcon's
Acting screwy.
And her Highness,
Princess Leia
I don't like it but she hasn't got a prayer!

Then there's someone
They call Lando
Tries to talk like
Marlon Brando.
I don't think I
Like him greatly--
He's had just as many scenes as I've had lately.

Take me home
From my crash landing
Take me home
Oh notwithstanding
All I said
To Owen, Aunt Beru
And all
The folks on Tatooine.

So I'm flying
Through the heavens
Never dying
(See Part 7)
And the one thing
I keep praying
Is that Star Wars keeps on playing, playing, playing!

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