Suicidal Dawg

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with yer own front paws

E                E7sus4      E                E7sus4
The thin old man sits on his front porch again.

E                         E7sus4             E      E7sus4
Everybody's watching him, while he watches them.

       E                         E7sus4                  E       E7sus4
In the upstairs room the mongrel mutt stares down at the street.

      E                     E7sus4
He's lookin' for some action.

      E                         E7sus4
He's lookin for a bitch in heat.

      E                    E7sus4
He's thinkin' about jumpin'

       E                     E
But he ain't gonna jump just yet.

G A      E
Suicidal Dawg

G             A        E
Hangin' on to livin by tooth and claw

     G         A
He's tried and tried

    C  D
For suicide

        E                    E7sus4                 E     E7sus4
But you can't slit yer wrists... with yer own front paws.

The thin old man feeds him Alpo again.
Pours out some water into a cracked glass bowl.
In the upstairs room the poor lost pup takes in some TV.
He's switchin' different channels
He's lookin for that bitch in heat
He's thinkin' about jumpin'
But he ain't gonna jump just yet.


The thin old man's gettin' thinner and thinner.
And don't you know, in the end, ain't nobody the winner.
In the upstairs room the long lost pooch laps up some more hooch.
He's lookin for some action
He's sniffin' out that bitch in heat.
He's lookin out that window
But he ain't gonna jump just yet.

[Final chorus]:
Suicidal Dawg
Gettin' damn tired of livin' by his tooth and his claws.
He's tried and tried
For suicide
But you can't slit yer wrists
With your own front paws.

E7sus4 is, in guitar tablature:

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