Ten Little Rambos

Alan P. Scott - Verses

drawing first blood

Ten little Rambos
sittin' in a line.
One shot another and
Then there were nine.

Nine little Rambos
Bustin' with hate.
One stabbed another and
Then there were eight.

Eight little Rambos
Wanna go to Heaven.
One killed his brother and
Then there were seven.

Seven little Rambos
With pungee sticks.
One sat down! and
Then there were six.

Six little Rambos
Wanna stay alive.
One hand grenade and
Then there were five.

Five little Rambos
kill a little more.
One little missile and
Then there were four.

Four little Rambos,
Hidden in a tree.
One saw the other and
Then there were three.

Three little Rambos.
Maybe one is you!
One finds a land mine
Then there are two.

Two little Rambos
With their little guns.
One shoots the other and
Then there is one.

One little Rambo
Sittin' all alone.
Sees him in the mirror and--

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