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I have a theory
that William Shakespeare
wrote the works
of Sir Francis Bacon
who was a figment
of the Elizabethan imagination
dreamed up over breakfast
(hence the name)
oink oink

But I've been wrong before.

God cries for mankind
and He calls it rain.
The rainbow is God's handkerchief
with multicolored snot running down it.

Shall we indict the trees
in winter
for indecent exposure?

Time stops
while a little girl laughs.
The cackling of a crone
is an eternity.

Heaven is a clockwork machine
needing only the single touch of a key
to start it.
The key is true happiness.
The machine hasn't started yet.

The hypocrisy of people
who preach against technology
is unbelievable
(I believe it!)
They drive to antinuke rallies
in gasburning
steel coffins
from which they get more radiation in a day
than they would from a nuclear power plant in a year,
and make their opinions known
over 50 000 watt amplifier systems
(that aren't powered by "natural" means,
to be sure.)

Enough is enough
Is enough.

I can see it now.
2 million white mice on a treadmill
running a television station.
A cat gets loose,
and forty thousand viewers
never find out if Luke gets Laura. Or not.
Tooo bad.

Dish year magnum opus
Shall ring down through the ages
Like the chiming of a trillion waterfalls
on a planet in the Crab nebula
is noticed here.
That is to say, not at all.

I feel the words slipping away
Like the football
from Charlie Brown's foot
when Lucy holds it for him.

Does anybody remember "James
at 15 16"?
He was always so versatile.
It makes you wonder
How he could ever have been insecure.
He could swim,run track,make straight A's,
Take photographs,talk sign language,skate,
And still found time to fall in love
with a girl a week.

A pendulum has the same period
No matter what its mass
If the radius remains the same.
This a period is: .
Its radius is the same as this period: .
Do they therefore have the same pendulum?

Ahh, science! as a friend of mine
who was a hypnotist
said after hypnotizing
Miss Vavoom.

A fallout shelter
Is like a Kleenex
in a hurricane.

Metaphor and simile
are my bread and butter.


The "untitled" cycle received 1st prize for poetry in Marshall University's Academic Festival on April 4, 1981.

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