Watching the Sparrows Fall

Alan P. Scott - Verses - Lyrics

they still fall

Well I saw a bird
Lying on the ground
It didn't make a move, no it
Didn't make a sound.
Then a man on a white horse
Said, "Boy don't you grieve.
That bird's gone to Heaven,
Now you gotta believe."

Well I saw a preacher in a big Cadillac
With a "Honk if you love Jesus" bumpersticker on the back.
Yes and I saw the sinners he was prayin' for - he screams
"Don't let 'em in - they'll get blood on the floor."

I see the nations
Keep on brawlin'
And I hear congregations
They keep callin'
Yeah and I see the sparrows
But they just keep fallin'
Fallin down.

Well I saw my father, lyin' in his bed.
He didn't make a move, and I thought he was dead.
Then he looked up at me with those cemetery eyes
He said, "I know I'm goin' to Heaven
When it's time for me to die."


Well you can count all the lilies in a parking lot
And you can count all the hairs on a dyin' tot
And you can count him as your Savior
But I think he's not.
'Cause we all keep fallin' down.

Well I see the faithful
Keep fumblin'
Yeah and I hear the ministers
Keep mumblin'
But the poor damn sparrows
Well we just keep tumblin'
Tumblin' down.
Tumblin' down.

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