Blessley Instruments Kanteles

Blessley Instruments is pleased to announce the addition of Finnish Kanteles to our instrument line.

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First described in the Kalevala epic, the kantele is the Finnish national instrument, and has been played for centuries. They are surprisingly easy for a novice musician or player.

Blessley Instruments is happy to offer four different models:

The 5-string, The 10 string, The 11+4 (with a bass chord), and The Virsikantele (hymn kantele).


All kanteles (except the Virsikantele) are tuned to the traditional key of D major.

The Virsikantele , tuned in C major, is chromatic, has one gut string, and is played with a horsehair bow. There are 21 notes, beginning at G below Middle C.

The 5-String, The 10 String and The 11+4 models are fitted with "guitar strap" buttons, a nylon web strap, and one row of harmonics (flageolet) is marked. A second row of harmonics marks can be ordered. A soft, envelope-style case is standard, and a deluxe, thicker case with foam protection, shoulder strap and cordura-type fabric is available by special order. Plan on 2-4 weeks for delivery of deluxe cases.


R. W. Ekman, Kreeta Haapasalo soittaa kannelta, 1868.