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Marcus Dale Bowman entered our world on a sunny Thursday afternoon, August 26, 1971, at Vancouver Memorial Hospital. He lived in Vancouver all of his life and brought much happiness and laughter to those around him while he was here. To Mark, life was an experience to be savored and enjoyed and he was always eager to learn more and go on to the next adventure. Tragically, on Saturday morning, March 29, 1997, at the age of 25 years, he left our world.

These memorial pages have been provided for those of you who knew Mark and loved him to have a place to visit. I hope that you find some comfort in these pages as you view them. If you knew Mark then you know he wanted those he cared about to be happy and live a full life. Please enjoy the remembrances written here and the photographs shown. I encourage you to send your own remembrance of Mark through the form provided at the bottom of this page, through e-mail or by postal mail to his mother at P.O. Box 1001, Vancouver, WA 98666.

Mark found God a few hours before his death; it would be appropriate for each of you who loved him to plant a tree in his name. Also each evening when the sky is clear, stop to look at the stars and the constellations as Mark so often did and contemplate God's love.

As you explore these pages, please remember how thoroughly Mark loved life and how much he wanted everyone to enjoy it to the fullest. Remember, too, how he wished happiness to his friends and always had a kind word for everyone. In his memory, each day of your life make it a point to be kind to those with whom you come in contact . . . you never know what burden another carries.

From "Marcus' Mom"

On Mark's birthday, August 26th, "Memories of Marcus" was broadcast on Public Access Television for several years.  Assembled in remembrance of his birthday, this collection of photographs and video tapes includes monologues, clips from audition tapes and a few of his daily antics. If you knew Mark, you will surely enjoy this program and it, undoubtedly, will bring more of your own memories to mind. I encourage you to share those memories with the family (be certain to put "About Marcus" in the subject line so it is not deleted as spam). If you miss the broadcast, you may borrow a copy of it from his mother.

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The memorial which appeared in The Columbian.
The memorial which appeared in The Clark College Independent.
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Highlights of Theatre and Drama for Marcus (This page is very much under construction)
Mom's message delivered at Mark's Memorial Service held on April 10th, 1997

What can I do?
Memorials to Marcus.
Mom's birthday note August 26, 1997
My First Christmas in Heaven A truly beautiful poem from the support group.
I Don't Understand . . . A poem to Mark from Mom
Familiar friends.....where are you? . . .  A writing by Mom a year after Mark's death

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