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Clark County Search and Rescue was founded in 1963. Initially, CCSAR served primarily as a group to assist in wilderness searches. Looking for lost hunters, missing children, overdue berry pickers, or mushroom hunters who had not returned was our prime mission. Since that time though, CCSAR has expanded to include: emergency communications, crime scene searches, trained field personnel for radio direction finding, Hug-A-Tree programs for schools, as well as being involved in other community programs such as Walk n' Knock, etc.

CCSAR serves under the direction of the Clark County Department of Emergency Services and the Clark County Sheriff's Department. We also assist the State Department of Emergency Services by providing trained personnel for searches throughout Washington.

Our team is also a member of the Clark County SAR Council. This group provides an arena where varying volunteer teams such as ours can meet and exchange information. This promotes cohesion and enables all volunteer groups to become familiar with one another, each group's "expertise". It is vital for smooth operations during emergency exercises.

If you would like more information about our team, please feel free to drop us a line at our email address listed below. Our meetings are on the first Monday of each month. Training routinely takes place on the third Saturday of each month.

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