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New since last update of 2002


1.      New -- New sections on the website in “Caughlan family tree” section. We now have special sections for John and Sarah’s children which now include; Mary Ann, Adam, and Daniel. In the same area we have a special section for honored Caughlan’s. The purpose of this section is to honor Caughlan’s who have made significant contributed to Caughlan family history, or who have interesting stories to share either about themselves or their ancestors.  In this update we are honoring Fred Waller Caughlan, Mary Caughlan Kelley, Kristy Forsyth, and introducing our “Honorary Caughlan” Arnie Saaf. Write our webmaster if you have a story you would like to tell.

2.      Under Generation Chart area we have added 2 new sections; A section for “The Caughlan Bible” and a section for “Key Letters”.

In the same section we will no longer be showing generations 7, 8, and 9. This is a result of some family members concern with identity theft.  In an effort to keep safe this information in a central place, contact Charles Caughlan via this website with the important family birth, marriage, and death dates. Any family member wishing this information can contact him. It would be ashamed to lose this important information for future generations.

3.      New – Death dates for Cornelius and sons John and Thomas.

4.      New -- Information on Margaret Caughlan, one of Cornelius’ daughters, and her descendents.

5.      New -- Information on Mary Ann Caughlan, daughter of John and Sarah Caughlan, and her descendents. Thank you to Roger Louis for new letters, pictures of Sarah, Mary Ann, and Daniel. Also thank you family researchers Arnie Saaf, Mary Kelley, and Charles Caughlan for researching this line.

6.      New -- John and Sarah’s Bible has been found. This new find is found in the “Family Charts” section. We owe a big thank you to Kristy Forsyth and her family for this new find.

7.      New -- Letter written by Mary E. Rickards. Thank you Roger Louis

8.      New -- Pictures of Sarah, Mary Ann, Adam and his wife Mary, and Daniel Caughlan. Thank you Roger Louis.






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Last modified on April 21, 2005