Meet Alice Allen

Candidate for NENC CC Representative


My name is Alice Allen, and I am a candidate for NENC County Coordinator Representative. I've been doing genealogical research off and on since 1967, in the midst of raising 6 children and a husband. We got our first computer and the Internet in 1995. Not knowing what to do on the 'net, one Saturday evening I typed "genealogy" into a search box, and I was off. I have not taken a break from genealogical research since that time.

In July of 1996, as a member of a Kansas mailing list, I was asked if I would like to become involved with a brand-new project to get genealogical data on the Internet. Part of my love of this pastime includes sharing what I've learned with others. I didn't know anything about creating web pages when I began, but with my hand held all the way by Nancy Trice, I managed to create a site for Marshall County Kansas for this Project. I added Geauga and Seneca Counties to my list in August, and in November, I became County Coordinator for my home county--Clark County, Washington.

As a member of the USGenWeb Project since its beginning, I have worked under the original guidelines that were in place at that time:

1. To provide a research site for those whose families lived in our counties
2. Adding genealogical data for use by the researcher
3. Providing a place for them to leave queries about their families
4. Accepting contributions of data and getting it online so that more people can be helped

I have not paid a lot of attention to the political aspect of our Project, for the most part. I have been aware of some of the goings-on over the past 10 years, but mostly watched and listened while continuing to maintain and add to my county sites. Part of my political philosophy includes more control at the local level--less at the national level. This applies to the USGenWeb Project as well. Originally each state was set up to maintain their own rules and regulations. The Advisory Board under the direction of the National Coordinator was there to advise the local leaders, if asked. Somehow, there is now more control at the National level than I believe was intended.

I would like to see a return to control at the local level, and the role of the Advisory Board to return to its original intent. As your representative to the Advisory Board, I would work to return control to our state projects, and for an environment where we could maintain our county sites as we see fit. I would work to uphold your rights as County Coordinators, and would listen to your concerns and do my best to represent you in this Project. I can't promise perfection, but I can promise I'll do my best.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please consider voting for me during the month of July.

Alice Allen

County Coordinator,

Geauga County, Ohio

Seneca County, Ohio

Additionally, I am also a County Coordinator for the following:

Clark County, Washington

Marshall County, Kansas

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to email me at


Created and uploaded on Wednesday June 16, 2006