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Karl Altmann/Aultman--1881-?

Karl ALTMANN was born 14 Aug. 1881 in Stolzenhagen, Germany (now Poland). He married Auguste MICHEL about 1902 in Germany. They had 3 sons, Karl, Ernst, and Erich. This family immigrated to the United States in May of 1908. They settled in Wolbach, Greeley Co., Nebraska, where Auguste's parents (Christian & Philomena MICHEL) had already settled.

Their children:
Karl (Carl): born abt. 1904 in Germany, died in Long Beach CA
Ernst (Ernest): born abt. 1905 in Germany, died 1945 in Los Angeles, CA
Erich (Eric/Al): born 26 Nov. 1907 in Germany, died 1988 in Portland, OR

The immigration papers for Karl/Carl (Sr.) lists a brother, Wilhelm. Do not know at this time whether Wilhelm was already in the US, or if he accompanied Karl/Carl Sr. & family.

The LDS IGI lists as parents for Karl/Carl Sr. Hermann Altmann & Mathilde Schade. I have not researched this family any further back at this time (June, 2002).

Submitted by Alice Allen

Miscellaneous AULTMAN data

If you have come across any AULTMAN data (births, deaths, marriages, census records, etc.) in your research and would like to share that with others, please email me at dcaallen@pacifier.com with that information. Since I like to give credit where credit is due, please allow me to post your name & email address (or just your name) along with the data. And if this information does not pertain to your family, let me know that as well. That way, I can put in a "disclaimer" that you know nothing more about this family and/or information.

Misc. AULTMAN Marriage information from Wayne Co., GA:

Aultman, Thomas Leigh, Lovely 12 Oct 1809 Source: LDS microfilm #203122
Aultman, Sampson Guy, Sarah 9 April, 1819 Source: LDS microfilm #203124
Burress/Buris, Lemuel Aultman, Ann 25 Jul 1822 Source: LDS microfilm #203124
Kelly, George Aultman, Rebecca 2 Feb. 1832 Source: LDS microfilm #203124

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