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John Byrum 1844 - 1916 (Including information from family bible)

John Byrum was born on November 15, 1844, in Indiana. The exact location in Indiana is not known although we believe it might have been Fairbanks in Sullivan County. This location is noted as the birth place of Johns brother William on his death certificate.

John was the youngest of three brothers born to David and Sarah (Jacques) Byrum. His father either died or left before 1850, as his mother Sarah is remarried to Nicholas Holtsberry and living in Franklin County, Ohio in the 1850 census. There were five additional children born to Nicholas and Sarah.

John married Martha Ann Jacques (Any possible relationship to Sarah unknown) on August 31, 1865 in Union County, Ohio. They were married by the Rev. Isaac Wells. The marriage is recorded in the family bible that still exists and is in my possession.

John and Martha had seven children, Emma E., Richard P, William Wilson, died at 5 months old (named for Johns two brothers William & Wilson who both served in the Civil War), Franklin, died at 5 months, John N., Chestina, and James H.

John did not serve in the Civil War, as his two brothers did. His occupation is shown to be Day or Farm Laborer on most of the census records and all indications are the family never owned any real property.

The family lived in Franklin County Ohio until 1880. Sometime in the early 1880's, more than likely after the death of his mother Sarah in 1883, they moved to the Hedges area of Paulding County, Ohio, along with many of the Holtsberry children. The family lived in this area for about 15 years. It seems that some of the Holtsberry's did prosper in this area, but John and
Martha did not.

On December 23, 1894. Martha Byrum died. Although her death is recorded in Paulding County records, I have yet to find a location for her burial. It is possible she is buried in the Hedges Cemetery without a headstone. The family did not have many funds.

On February 11, 1896, John married Sarah Tucker, daughter of Lemuel and Miriah Tucker. For Sarah, it was her forth marriage. She had five children by her second marriage to Henry Barchus, who died in 1881. Her first husband
Noah Shisler, died in the Civil War. Her third husband was John Burge.

Sometime after their marriage they moved to Fostoria, Seneca County, Ohio. It appears that both of John and Sarah's children also moved as well.

Sarah and John lived their final years in Fostoria, living with Sarah's daughter, Julia Ann. Sarah died May 11, 1910, John died June 28, 1916. They are buried together in the Fountain Cemetery in Fostoria, Ohio. Only Sarah's grave has a marker.

In the possession of Vernon L. Vogt

The bible was published in the 1880's and was of the type sold by traveling salesman that visited communities at the time. Most of the records were recorded by Martha. The handwriting is different after her death. The bible also has many items beteween the pages including locks of hair tied with thread, pieces of material, as well as ads for "remedies" There is also an
old oak leaf that still looks like it fell from the trees last year. Hard to believe it is over 100 years old.

John and Martha only recorded important dates of their immediate family in the Bible. There was one additional scrap of paper that came from and old family record book that gives a little information on Martha's past.

Recorded in bible:

John Byrum, of Franklin County, and Martha A. Jacques of Franklin County, was married August 31, at Frankfort, Union Co., Ohio, by Issac Wells in the year of our lord A.D. 1865.

Ephriam Gunder, of Paulding County, and Emma Byrum (Daughter) was married at Hedges, March 20, 1886.
Richard Byrum (Son), of Paulding County, and Mary M. Jonson, of Alan County, was married September the 1st in the year of our lord A.D. 1889.

Children of John and Martha
Emma E. Byrum was born April the 28 A.D., 1867
Richard P. Byrum was born Aug. the 7, 1870
William Wilson Byrum was born March the 12, 1869
Franklin Byrum was born March the 24, 1873
John N. Byrum was born Oct. the 7. 1874
Chestina L. Byrum was born June the 21. 1878
James H. Byrum vas born Sept. the 26, 1883

?? H. D. Gunder (first name unreadable) was born June the 5, 1887
Mary A. Gunder was born August the 19, 1889
William H. Byrum, born Aug. 11, 1890, son of Richard and Mary Byrum.

William Wilson Byrum, died August the 2 of A.D. 1869.
Franklin Byrum , died August the 23 A.D, 1873

The above were the only two deaths recorded by Martha. The handwriting changes for the rest of the entries starting with her death date.

Martha A. Byrum, died Dec. the 23 A.D., 1894
Emma E. Byrum (Gunder) died Sept the 7 A.D., 1894
John N. Byrum died April the 4 A.D.m 1895
Chestina L. Byrum died Dec. the 28 A.D., 1892
Richard Byrum Note: The entry for Richard was written in much later and is wrong. Who ever wrote it in put his birth date of 1870. Richard died in 1939.

Grandchildrens deaths:
Mary A. Gunder died Sept 19 A.D., 1894
Erna Byrum died June 4 A.D., 1894

(Note: I do not know who Erna was. John N. Byrum had a son Ernie that died in 1894, but I have his death date as
January 6.)

Contributed by Vernon Vogt

Family of Jeptha Byrum and Hannah Beardsley
of Jo Daviess Co., Illinois

Jeptha Byrum b: December 1, 1801 in Sussex County, New Jersey
+Hannah Beardsley
b: July 7, 1805 in New Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut
.. Elisa Ann Byrum
b: October 20, 1823 in New York
.. Almon Barnum Byrum
b: September 29, 1825 in Ithaca, Tompkins, New York
.. Huldah Malissa Byrum
b: July 3, 1829 in Huntsburg Township, Geauga, Ohio
.. Sophia J. Byrum
b: July 7, 1831 in Ohio
.. Elezer Enoch Byrum
b: August 6, 1834 in Huntsburg, Geauga, Ohio
.. Amanda Marie Byrum
b: November 2, 1837 in Huntsburg, Geauga, Ohio
.. Talmage F. Byrum
b: July 19, 1841 in Ohio

William Brower
b: Abt. 1823 in New York
+Elisa Ann Byrum
b: October 20, 1823 in New York
.. Almon Brower
b: January 15, 1843 in Illinois
.. Byron Brower
b: December 30, 1844 in Illinois
.. George Brower
b: November 14, 1853

Submitted by Ray Justus

Note: This family appears in the Research Data section, below, in the 1850 Census for Jo Daviess Co. IL

Miscellaneous BYRUM Research Data

This section is the place that some of your research data will appear, if you would like to share it. Perhaps you've stumbled across some unrelated BYRUM data that doesn't seem to apply to your family. That can be used in this section, and perhaps someone will come across it and say, "that's my family." Let me know by emailing me at dcaallen@pacifier.com if you have anything you are willing to share, whether it's your BYRUM line or not.

Selected Marriages in Illinois (From LDS Records)

Groom: Morrow, Walter, son of John Morrow & Mary Davis. Born Hopkins Co., KY, age 21
Bride: Byrum, Ella, daughter of Tobe Byrum and Fannie Boyd. Born Hopkins Co., KY, age 18
Married: 19 March 1896, Gallitan, IL

Groom: Byrum, John Welsey
Bride: Mumford, Nancy Ellen
Married: 28 Jan. 1869, Clark, IL

Groom: Odell, John R., son of Thomas S. Odell & Mary M. Foultz. Born Granville, IL, age 27
Bride: Byrum, Stella, daughter of William M. Byrum & Mary R. Hill, age 19.
Married: 7 Feb. 1897, Jasper, IL

Contributed by Alice Allen

Selected Births, from LDS Records

Name Date Place Parents
Byrum, Monroe 22 June 1852 Fulton Co., KY (None listed)
Byrum, Edgar 19 Aug. 1854 Madison, KY James F. Byrum/Elizabeth A. Cuzick
Byrum, "Female" 15 Aug 1856 Garrard, KY John Byrum/Martha Broadus
Byrum, "Male" 24 Sep 1856 Garrard, KY James Byrum/Elizabeth A. Cusick
Byrum, "Female" 25 Sep 1872 Prairie, Franklin, OH William Byrum/Sarah A. Marvin
Byrum, John Nicholas 15 Nov 1874 Prairie, Franklin, OH John Byrum/Martha A. Jacyus
Byrum, Reymond 30 May 1874 Prairie, Franklin, OH William Byrum/Sarah Marvin
Byrum, Charles B. 30 Nov 1878 Prairie, Franklin, OH William Byrum/Sarah Marvin
Byrum, Chastina 21 Jun 1878 Prairie, Franklin, OH John Byrum/Martha Jacquis
Byrum, Adlit (female) 22 Feb 1884 Prairie, Franklin, OH William Byrum/Sarah Marvin
Byrum, Clarence Lemuel 4 Oct 1885 Elgin, Bastrop, TX Luther Byrum/Laura Pate

Contributed by Alice Allen

Selected Census Entries, 1880 Census, Prairie, Franklin Co. OH

Prairie, Franklin Co. OH, Pg. 30D:

Name Age Occupation Born Father Born Mother Born
Byrum, William 40 Farmer IN OH MD
Byrum, Sarah 35 Keeping House NY NY NY
Byrum, Mary 18 At Home OH IN NY
Byrum, John 16   OH IN NY

Prairie, Franklin Co. OH, Pg. 32C:

Name Age Occupation Born Father Born Mother Born
Byrum, John 35 Farmer IN OH OH
Byrum, Martha 30 Keeping House OH OH OH
Byrum, Emma 13   OH IN OH
Byrum, Richard 10   OH IN OH
Byrum, John 6   OH IN OH
Byrum, Chestina 2   OH IN OH

Selected Census Entries, 1850 Census, Wards Grove, Jo Daviess Co. IL

Wards Grove, Jo Daviess Co. IL, Pg. 160A

Name Age Occupation Born
Byrum, Jeptha 48 Farmer NJ
Byrum, Hannah 45   CT
Byrum, Lizaborne* (M) 16   OH
Byrum, Amanda 14   OH
Byrum, Zelamadga* (F) 9   OH
Lawrence, Louisa 9   NY
Lawrence, Oliver 12   NY
Lawrence, Edward 10   MI
Lawrence, Emeline 4   IL

* Name was difficult to read, this is my "best guess."
Note: Per Ray Justus, a gg grandson, "Lizaborne" should be Elezer, and "Zelamadga" is really Talmage, and is a male. More information on this family is listed above.

Contributed by Alice Allen

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