Here We Are!


Taken July 31st at Blue Lake Park.

Front row: Jonathan, Heidi, Katie, Tamsen, Shaden (in a row of his own), Kale (with pacifier) and Taren.
Middle Row: Allen, Heather, Tara, Noelle, Alice, Dalan (with baby Conner).
Back Row: Marvin, Shelley, Don, Joe, Alicia
Missing are granddaughters Aeraby & Maggie, visiting their other grandparents in Florida





Visiting our parents in Colorado Springs, July 2004


 Dad & Marvin on the front porch

 On our last day in Colorado, we went to visit Alice's friend Janet, who lives 40 miles east of Colorado Springs. Janet & her family have

horses! And dogs! And cats! And ponies! Below are our favorite shots of some of us riding Janet's horse, Lucky.


Left: Dad/Grandpa on horse, first time in ?? years? Center: Heidi gets a stirrup adjustment from Janet's son Adam, while his sister Tricia looks on. Left: Katie's first time on a horse, observed by Janet's son, Adam.

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