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Racing engine measuring tool
For Quickie 500 & QM40 Pylon Racing

We will first set up to check the deck height.(the distance between the top of the piston and the top of the sleeve) The first thing you do is remove the head and take the sleeve out. Then place the sleeve-ring on the sleeve. You can remove the existing shims or leave them on for your first measurement. Put the sleeve back in the engine with the sleeve-ring installed. Next put the clamp ring on the engine. I use the front and rear bolt holes to hold the clamp. Use two of your head bolts to hold the clamp in place. Put a couple of drops of oil on the sleeve before you tighten the clamp. When you snug the clamp, do not over tighten it. If when you turn the engine over, there is a bind on the piston, you have the clamp too tight. Loosen it. Next you zero the meter by placing it on a flat surface. The top clamp ring is perfect for this.


Meter reads zero (0).

Liner with the .200" spacer ring.


---------- Deck height reads .195" ----------------

Place the dial indicator on the top of the clamp ring and read the small inside numbers on the dial face. (note: the 90 is inside the larger 10 outside). Read the numbers on the inside of the indicator. Your number will be in the 80 or .90 range. The total height added for the ring and the clamp is .400. If you are using the little .10 dial, you must subtract the .400. Do not get lost here… For what we are doing, just read the outside numbers on the indicator and know that there is a "1" in front of your numbers when you are measuring the deck height. Keep it simple.

If the deck height is where you want it, move to the next step. If not, add or remove sleeve shims to get it where you want it.

After you have the deck height where you want it, it is time to measure the head spacing. Place the indicator back on the head clamp, like you did to check the deck height. Hold it in place and rotate the indicator face to zero while in place.

Meter face rotated to read zero (0).

With head shim, head spacing reads .016"

Then take the head, place the indicator on it and read the meter. What you see is where engine head-spacing is set…

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Measuring Tool

Engine Deck Tool Kit

45.00 each


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