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Shotgun Q500 Instruction Sample

ShotGun instructions

Mount your servos 3 abreast as far back in the wing saddle that you can.
Just make sure that you can still get to the servo mounting screws. Cut a
servo hole in the wing well behind the wing spar. Glue plywood on the
surface for the servo mounting screws. This way, most of the servo is inside
the wing. It will not weaken the wing.

I am using a 5.25 Tetra tank mounted on the CG which is 2.875 on my
ShotGuns. I have been mounting my servos on foam rubber. It allows the tank
to move around, but not change positions. I just use contact cement to
fasten the foam to the tank and fuse... Works great!

I am using a 720 Expert battery pack. Both of my ShotGuns are mounted with
Velcro behind the servos.

When you mount the stab, with a course block, sand the fillets until the
hole for the stab wears through. Cut the hole for the elevator horn leaving
about 3/32 of an inch of the inside lip. You can use a piece of 1/64th
plywood to cover the hole, held in place with racer tape. When you fit the
stab, make your final
fitting cuts to favor the leading edge of the stab down and the trailing
edge up. If you do not do this, you will have a very small amount of up
elevator when you fly it. Not enough to worry about, just cosmetic. Fasten
the stab in with Ca. Use a little thin first to set it and to hold it while
you get it triangulated and parallel with the wing, sighting from the rear
of the airplane.

The landing gear mounts with the straight edge forward.

Rudder control horn can be done a couple of different ways. The easiest and
least expensive is a small control horn recessed with the base glued inside
the rudder. Just cut a slot for the control horn and move the rudder to the
full position and slide the control horn inside the rudder and glue it in
place. The other method is to put a 4-40 short bolt through the rudder, then
put a Dubro ball on it. Then put the ball link on the pushrod. This is
becoming the most common method for most of the composite rudders.

Starting throws are 3/16 for ailerons, 3/16" for up elevator, and1/8"
rudder. All these are on low rates. High rates, 1/4" for all but rudder. You
want lots of rudder for roll out on landing. The 1/8" rudder is all you
need for take-off.

When you take the ShotGun off, 1/8" right rudder, right aileron, and full up
elevator. Adjust all throws so that you fly on low rates and land on high
rates. High rates, except for rudder should not be more than 20% more than
the low rates.

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