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How to make an ultra light landing gear

We have had a lot of requests for landing gear for our airplanes. After trying several different types, we have settled on the simplest ones we tried. The struts are a light weight design. Our struts break and are easy to replace if broken. They are made from 1/8" carbon rods that are on this website.

The struts are solid carbon cut to 9" long and fit all of our electric models. The first step is to attach the axels to the struts. Hold the axel on the end of the strut with the axel part crossing the strut. This disperses the shock to the strut, not the wrap. When you have it in place, a drop of ca and a little kicker will hold it while you wrap the axel to the strut. Wrap the strut to the axel with the enclosed nylon thread. After they are wrapped, use Black Flash, Thick Ca or, Epoxy to finish attaching the axel to the strut.
Next, visually decide where you want the wheels to be. They should be slightly in front of the leading edge of the wing. Use a #11 blade to make a hole through the lower part of the fuse about ¼" square. Now fit both of the struts through the hole, making an X at the fuse. Then mark where you want the top of the struts to attach to the fuse cross brace. This is where you decide where the wheels are going to be fore and aft.
When you are satisfied with the placement of the struts, attach them with a couple of drops of medium foamsafe Ca to hold them in place while you make the solid pads.
Mix a little 15 minute epoxy and ground glass or flox to a peanut butter consistency. Fillet around the X of the struts and the top of the struts, as you see in the pictures. The wheels are secured on the axels with a 2-56 nut placed at the inside of the axel and held in place with a small drop of Ca. The outside nut is an acorn nut.

These landing gears are light and strong.

In case of a broken strut, do not panic. Just drill out the strut from the pads and slip a new one in place. It is easy to do and you can be ready to fly in minutes. The pads stay in place, and after you drill and insert a new strut, hold it in place with Ca…

You can buy most of the hard to get parts from my website, or I will put the package together for you.

Price: $15.00
Landing gear, ready to install, with wheels.