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Welcome to my home page. These pages will mainly be of interest to friends and family. Others are welcome to look around if they find something of interest.
Mom-San Jose I put all of Momís recipes here. Click on Mom to go to the recipes home page. Keep in mind that a lot of these recipes are from the 1940ís and 1950ís, when low-fat was unheard of. I would love to convert some of these recipes to low-fat low-cholesterol forms, but someone else will probably have to do that.
Daddy and Debbie 11/17/07. Dad's slides are on hold as I try to find a reasonable place to scan and convert. My little scanner just isn't good enough. Plus Dick doesn't really have his server up much, so I'll have to put them somewhere else.
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11/11/08. I've owned a Zune (a wireless digital player) since July '07. This is my Zune Card, which shows what I've played recently, what my faves are, etc. Click on it and check it out. I have my entire music library in digital form now, on my PC. It's more versatile than ever before this way. (Plus much better than iTunes.) You can download and use the Zune software for free at, even if you don't have a Zune.

Other Stuff

Last updated in 2006 some time. Of interest only to family and friends, this page is where I put new pictures of things that I'm doing around the house or snapshots of family members and things I've done.

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