Bedroom Re-Do, Memorial Weekend 2005
Photographer: Debbie AShcraft
Contact: Debbie Ashcraft
On May 1 I went to Linens and Things to buy a couple toilet seat covers. Nothing special. But then I stood staring at a comforter set and more that called to me! So 3 weeks later I managed to find a way to get it all, and decided to really re-do my bedroom! Picture 14 is my favorite AFTER photo, but look at them in order for the full effect!

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01_BEFORE_2002_lamp 02_BEFORE_bed_Jul2004 03_BEFORE_withValance 04_BEFORE_testingcolor 05_Testing_fabric
01_BEFORE_2002_lamp.jpg 02_BEFORE_bed_Jul2004.jpg 03_BEFORE_withValance.jpg 04_BEFORE_testingcolor.jpg 05_Testing_fabric.jpg
06_Fabric_Test2 07_DURING_back_wall 08_DURING_whatamess 09_DURING_getting_tired 10_Brown_wall_looks_done
06_Fabric_Test2.jpg 07_DURING_back_wall.jpg 08_DURING_whatamess.jpg 09_DURING_getting_tired.jpg 10_Brown_wall_looks_done.jpg
11_South_wall 12_Next_day_west_wall 13_Green_wall_done 14_Ta_Da 15_picture_from_living_room
11_South_wall.jpg 12_Next_day_west_wall.jpg 13_Green_wall_done.jpg 14_Ta_Da.jpg 15_picture_from_living_room.jpg