Chinese Chicken with Noodles
About 30 min. before serving: In large skillet melt butter or margarine; in it sauté onion, thinly sliced, until golden; then add cabbage and mushrooms and sauté a few minutes. In small bowl, combine cornstarch, salt, pepper, soy sauce and chicken broth, stirring until smooth. Pour this over vegetables in skillet: add frozen green beans, chicken; bring to a boil, then stirring, covered, 8 to 10 min., or until vegetables are tender-crisp. Arrange seasoned hot cooked noodles around the edge of a large serving dish. Heap the chicken-vegetable mixture in the center; garnish with the sliced radishes and cut-up scallion pieces. Serve with more soy sauce, if desired. Makes 6 servings.
Chinese Eggs Blend and add: Fry in butter slowly for 15 min. -OR- Pour into buttered dish, bake 25 min. Serves 8.
Chinese Walnut Chicken Place walnuts in saucepan, add cold water to cover. Bring to a boil. Boil 3 min., then drain. Wash and drain cabbage. Cut into 1/8" thick slices to make 2 cups. Wash celery and cut in julienne strips to make 1 cup. Cut onion in half lengthwise, then cut paper thin crosswise to make 1 cup. Drain bamboo shoots and water chestnuts and cut in julienne strips. Wash and dry chicken breasts. Remove and discard skin and bones. Cut meat in julienne strips. In large skillet heat 2 tbsp. peanut oil until hot (do not let smoke). Add vegetables and quickly sauté until tender-crisp. Remove from skillet, set aside. Add walnuts to skillet and sauté until browned. Remove and add to vegetables. In small bowl, combine soy sauce, cornstarch, salt and sugar. Stir. Add remaining 3 tbsp. oil to skillet. Dip pieces of chicken in soy sauce mixture, then sauté in hot oil until tender. Add chicken broth and cook, stirring constantly, until broth comes to a boil. Add sautéed vegetables and walnuts and heat, stirring, 1 or 2 min. or until hot. Serve over rice.
Chop Suey or Chow Mein Fry pork until nice and brown. Add next 4 ingredients and cook until tender. Fry each vegetable separately, add to meat, simmer a few min. For Chow Mein, pour over fried noodles.
Crisp Won Ton FILLING: Combine filling ingredients. Fill each Won Ton wrapper with 1 tsp. of filling mixture. Moisten edge of Won Ton wrapper with water with water and press firmly together in desired shapes; triangle, rectangle, or fancy. Deep fat fry in Crisco Oil at 375 until brown, turning once. Drain. Serve hot. Makes 5 dozen.
Fried Rice Fry bacon until golden brown, remove from pan. Fry pork, simmer 30 min. Add shrimp, fry about 20 min. Put aside. Sauté onions. Add rice, half of the meat and shrimp. Cook 15 min. Add beaten eggs and green onions, soy sauce. Cook 5 min. Garnish top with bacon and the rest of the melt and shrimp.
Japanese Tempura


Put egg in 1 cup, measure and add enough water to make 1 cup of liquid. Add flour and cornstarch to liquid and stir, only until flour is moistened. Dip foods that are to be fried into batter. Deep fat fry in Crisco oil (with some Sesame Seed Oil added) at 375 until lightly browned. Drain on paper towel and serve hot.

Suggested Foods for Tempura: Shrimp, shelled and flattened; green pepper, cut lengthwise into 1" strips; celery, cut in slants; sweet potato, cut in slants: eggplant; watercress.

Sprinkle meat with instant meat tenderizer as directed on the jar. Cut meat across the grain into very thin slices. Heat the oil in an electric skillet to 325. Add meat slices and brown quickly on all sides. Remove from skillet. Add onion, celery and scallions to skillet and cook 2 min. or until crisp-tender. Add mushrooms and cook 1 min. Return meat to skillet. Add spinach. Sprinkle the sugar over top, then add soy sauce. Pour beef bouillon over spinach and stir gently to blend. Heat just until spinach wilts and mixture is piping hot. Serve immediately over rice. Serves 2.
Sweet and Sour Pork
(From TV - Chinese Cook)
Batter: Combine all ingredients, put in meat. In hot oil deep fry until light brown. Remove. SAUCE: Combine sugar, catsup, soy sauce, salt, MSG, and vinegar. Heat, then add combined cornstarch and water, lastly oil. Stir until thick.

Deep fry pork a second time until golden brown. Put out on platter. Then pour sauce over. Be sure to add vegetables to sauce. Cook carrots in boiling water for 1 minute. Add green pepper, cook 1 min. longer. Add pineapple, get good and hot. Any fish or shrimp is good.

Sweet Peppers and Pork Sauté the pork in the drippings or oil until golden on all sides. Sprinkle the sugar over the pork, add the consommé, MSG, soy sauce, garlic and basil. Cover and simmer about 1 hr., until pork is quite tender. Seed the peppers and then cut them into pieces about the size of a quarter. Core the tomatoes and cut them into pieces about the same size. Add the peppers to the pork, re-cover and heat for 3 min. Add the tomatoes, re-cover and heat for 2 min. Uncover and stir in the cornstarch, which has been mixed into a little cold water. Heat, uncovered, stirring gently, until the sauce is thickened. Serve over rice. Makes 6 servings.