Chicken & Poultry 
Barbecued Chicken Put chicken halves in deep pan. Sprinkle with monosodium glutamate. Let stand 15 min. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over chicken. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Drain off most of the marinade and save for basting sauce. Bake at 350, basting often for 60 min. or until tender when pierced with a fork. Makes 6 servings. Serve with French fried potatoes and broccoli. Note: The chicken may be barbecued over hot coals instead of baking.
Beer Fritter Batter Sift flour and stir in the beer. Combine with the dry ingredients, stirring only until blended. Then add the butter or oil and let stand for 1 hr. Beat egg whites until stiff but not dry and fold into the beer mixture. Use as batter dip for shrimp or seafood, chicken or vegetables.
Broilers Sauterne Pour this over a couple of split broilers and refrigerate overnight. Spoon sauterne mixture over chicken a few times. Place the broilers on the grill with split side down. Broil over slow coals, brushing chicken often with marinade. When well browned, about 20 minutes, turn skin side down and cook 30-35 min. longer or until tender, brushing with marinade.
Chicken-Broccoli Casserole If using corn flakes, crush into fine crumbs. Combine corn flake crumbs with melted butter. Reserve for topping. Blend flour and milk to make a smooth paste; stir in chicken broth. Cook until thickened, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Stir in mayonnaise, lemon juice and curry powder. Cook broccoli according to package directions only until tender. Drain well. Cut broccoli stalks in half; arrange in 2-qt. casserole. Cover broccoli with chicken; pour on sauce. Top with buttered corn flake crumbs. Bake at 350 about 30 min. or until thoroughly heated and crumbs are browned. Serve immediately. Makes 6 servings, I cup each.
Chicken in Oven Add salt and Beau Monde to Rice Krispies which have been crushed. Roll chicken in margarine, then Krispies mixture. Line pan with foil (it really helps). Place skin side up. Bake 1 hr. at 375 deg.
Chicken Stew with Potato Dumplings Put fowl in kettle and add 6 cups boiling water, 1 tsp. salt, ¼ tsp. pepper, celery, sliced onion, parsley and bay leaf. Bring to boil, cover and simmer 2 hours, or until fowl is tender. Cool chicken and, reserving broth, remove bones and skin. Cut meat in bite-size pieces. Skim fat from broth if necessary. Add enough water to broth to make 4 cups. Add onions and carrots; cook, covered, 35 min. or until vegetables are tender. Blend flour with small amount of cold water and stir into mixture. Cook, stirring, until thickened. Add chicken and peas. Put dumplings on top; cover, and simmer about 10 min. Remove Dumplings and add Accent and cream to stew; heat. Serve with Dumplings. Makes 6 servings.

POTATO DUMPLINGS: Mix ½ cup mashed potato (prepared instant may be used), ½ c. flour, 2 tsp. baking powder, 1 tsp. salt, 1 tbsp. instant minced onion, 1 tbsp. melted butter and 2 beaten egg yolks. Shape in 12 balls the size of small walnuts.

Mother's Note: Dumplings are delicious; Dad asked for a repeat.

Chicken Tamales in Ramekin

Cook a fat hen with onion, salt and few whole peppers until tender. Cool, remove meat from bones. Use broth to cook corn meal in--

3½ c. broth use 1 cup corn meal or
5¼ c. broth use 1½ cups corn meal

GRAVY: About ¾ cup oil, enough flour to take up oil (1 cup), let brown lightly, add 1 can of tomato paste, water to make a thick gravy (1 qt. and 1 can water). 1-½ tsp. salt and chili powder to taste (1 tsp.). Line ramekin or casserole with cornmeal mixture, put big spoonful of gravy, pieces of chicken, little more gravy then top with cornmeal. To heat, put aluminum foil on tight, place in pan with water, put in oven about 30 min.

Mother's Note: 7 cups broth - 2 cups cornmeal. Make this amount of cornmeal next time. Also increase chili powder ½ tsp. (altogether 1½ tsp.) Cut salad oil down to 2/3 cup.

Chicken with Wine Brown chicken in butter or margarine. Remove from skillet and place in single layer in 11x7" shallow baking dish. Add mushrooms and onions* to butter remaining in skillet and cook until tender, but not brown. Add soup, Sherry, seasonings and lemon slices; blend thoroughly. Pour over chicken. Bake, uncovered, at 350 for about 1 hr., or until chicken is fork-tender. Serve with hot, cooked rice. Makes 5 servings.

*Original recipe called for ½ c. chopped onion, but Mother crossed it out.

Fried Chicken in Beer Batter

Salt cut-up chicken slightly and place in a shallow baking dish. Cover with foil and bake approx. 45 min. Cool.


Stir together flour, baking powder, salt and beaten egg. Pepper is optional. Gradually add beer until a thin batter. Dip fish or shrimp or chicken, then fry in deep fat. When chicken is nicely browned, it is done. Sufficient for 2 large fryers.

Ginger-Honey Glaze for Chicken

Combine ½ cup soy sauce, 6 tbsp. honey and 2 tsp. ground ginger in small saucepan. Heat, stirring constantly, just to boiling. Makes about ¾ c., or enough for 2 roasting chickens.

Mother's Note: Spread margarine over bird.

"Heloise" Chicken and Rice

Boil a stewing hen about 3 hours or until meat almost falls off bones. Cool chicken in broth. Remove all meat from bones. When it’s time to prepare the meal, cook rice, using chicken broth instead of water. Thicken remaining broth and add all the boned chicken, a little freshly ground pepper and some sliced mushrooms. To serve, place rice in dish and spoon gravy mixture over rice. A green salad and muffins completes the meal.

India Chicken Curry
(From Elsie Oldham) Lightly brown onion and celery in hot fat. Add flour and blend. Add stock; cook until thick, stirring constantly. Add tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, seasonings and chicken. Heat thoroughly. Serve over cooked rice. Serves 10.
Little Chicken Pies
Very Good

"There’s something personal about serving each guest an individual chicken pie, and since there’s no dishing up at the last moment, it’s easy for the hostess. Perfect for a luncheon or buffet supper when served with a tart fruit salad, ice cream, cookies and a hot beverage."

Heat oven to 425. Melt butter, remove from heat. Blend in flour, seasonings. Stir in chicken stock, cream. Bring to boil, stirring constantly. Boil 1 min. Divide chicken among 6 small casseroles. Add mixture of peas and carrots. Pour on hot sauce. Top with Savory Pastry circles. Bake about 35 min.


Cut shortening into flour and salt. Add celery seed, paprika. Sprinkle with water; mix well with fork until dough clumps together. Round into small ball. Roll ¼" thick. Cut into circles size of top of casseroles.

l. Cook chicken the day ahead. Pick meat off bones and dice enough for chicken pies.
2. Roll out pastry circles and stack between squares of waxed paper in refrigerator. Use scalloped cutter for prettier pies.
3. Make cream sauce and refrigerate.

FLAVOR TIP: Chicken bouillon cubes and water may be substituted for stock.

No Peek Chicken
(From Lil Gunderson, 1971) Mix the 3 soups. Pour half in a 2-qt. oblong Pyrex dish. Skin chicken, place chicken and season. Add rice, pour remaining soup, add sherry wine. Completely cover with foil, let stand for awhile. Bake in 250 deg. oven for 3 hours. (The reason for skinning the chicken is the skin will not crisp and stops the coup from coating the chicken and wouldn't taste very well.)

Note from Debbie (1974): I was with Mom when we were served this by Lil. We both demanded the recipe! Gene loves it, Dad tolerates it (which is good), and it's easy!

Oven Fried Chicken

Shake chicken pieces in bag of flour, seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika. Put in pan coated with salad oil. Bake at 425 deg.

Wine Broiled Chicken
(From Better Homes and Gardens Magazine) Combine sauterne, soy, oil, onion and mustard; mix well. Cover and let stand several hours at room temp. or overnight in refrigerator. Brush chicken halves with wine mixture. Place skin down on grill. Cook over medium coals 20 min. or until lightly browned, brushing occasionally with wine mixture. Turn; broil 15 to 20 min. longer or until done, brushing with wine mixture. Serves 6.