Cheese Buns

Split muffins and place in shallow baking pan. Dice cup green pepper, add 2 chopped hard-cooked eggs, 1 grated onion, tsp. salt and dash pepper, 1/3 c. chili sauce, and 1 cup diced American cheese. Arrange on buns. Bake at 400 for 7 to 10 min.

Corned Beef Spreads

Canned corned beef ground, mixed with a little onion juice and mayonnaise. -OR- Ground corned beef, pickle relish and hard-cooked egg mashed with mayonnaise.

Lake Merritt Special

On a slice of buttered toast place a slice of ham. Over the ham spread a layer of cream cheese, then a layer of relish spread and a leaf of lettuce. Cover with another slice of buttered toast and cut in two diagonally. On top place a slice of tomato with a dash of mayonnaise. Garnish with a cuplike leaf of lettuce in which ripe olives are placed.

Langendorf Sandwich Platter

On one end of a large platter place thin slices of Langendorf bread-rye, white and wheat. Arrange on the platter slices of tomato, cold meats, pickles, olives, stalks of celery, a cube of cream cheese, lettuce and little paper cups of mayonnaise. Give each guest a plate, knife and fork and let him assemble his own sandwich to taste.

Pimiento Cheese

Mash 1 lb. of cheese (Tillamook, American or -) with a fork or put through coarse knife of food grinder. Place in a deep bowl and add canned milk, a little at a time, working until it reaches the right consistency to spread. Add mashed canned pimientos to suit. Season with 1 tsp. salt, 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce, dash of Cayenne, tsp. mustard and juice of 1 small lemon. This will stay soft and creamy indefinitely. If light and fluffy cheese is desired and you have an electric beater, gradually add more milk and beat until of that consistency. (Beer may be used in place of the canned milk, if desired.)

Ribbon Sandwich Loaf

Remove crusts from a day-old loaf of white and of whole-wheat bread. Cut two lengthwise slices from each. Spread a white slice with mayonnaise, cover with sliced peeled tomatoes. Cover the tomatoes with a whole wheat slice spread with mayonnaise on the side next to the tomatoes. Spread the whole- wheat slice with a thick layer of Kraft Ham-N-AISE, then cover with the second white slice. Spread this with mayonnaise, cover with crisp lettuce leaves, then with the second whole wheat slice spread with mayonnaise. Soften 3 pkg. of cream cheese with milk and spread all over the loaf. Place in refrigerator for an hour before serving. Garnish with parsley and cut in crosswise slices.

Sandwich Spreads for Rolled Sandwiches
  1. Cream cheese, colored.
  2. Egg, colored yellow.
  3. Minced olive and nut.
  4. Corned beef and onion.
  5. Prem [Spam] and sweet pickle.
  6. Tuna and sweet relish.
  7. Minced nut and raisin.
  8. Cream cheese, chopped olives, onion juice.
  9. 2/3 c. ground ham, 2 tbsp. chopped stuffed
  10. olives, mayonnaise.

Supper Sandwich Mix tuna, egg, salt, pickle and sandwich spread. (Makes 1 cup filling.) Spread a thick layer of mixed ingredients between two slices of bread which have been covered with mayonnaise. Serves 6.

NOTE: If you wish to serve supper sandwich hot, dip sandwiches into slightly beaten eggs to which milk has been added (1 egg, c. milk.): Sauté in hot margarine until brown on both sides. Serve with cole slaw in crisp lettuce leave cups.