Baked Fish a la Wright
(From Sunset Magazine, Oct. ’53)

1 albacore of 8 to 10 lb. size. Cut in about 6 crosswise slices.


Put slices of albacore flat in large roasting pan. Sauté the onion in olive oil. Then combine with all the remaining ingredients. Cover the fish with the sauce and cook, covered for about 1½ hours, basting every 15 minutes for best results. Lift fish carefully from pan to a platter; cover with sauce from the pan, garnish with parsley, and serve. Serves 10 or more, depending on appetite.

Take leftover fish, if any, remove bones, place in a glass casserole with the remainder of the sauce, and chill. It jells beautifully if left in the refrigerator overnight. If any remains after the second appearance, pack it in a jar and cover with wine vinegar. It makes a superb hors d’oeuvre.

Baked Sea Bass with Italian Sauce First make the Italian sauce. Heat the olive oil in a heavy saucepan, add the onion, pepper and celery, all shredded, and the garlic, chopped fine. Braise until the vegetables are slightly cooked (limp, but not brown). Then add the tomatoes, the parsley, the dried oregano, the white wine, and salt and pepper to taste. Cook for about 10 minutes. Place the pieces of bass in a large baking dish, cover with the sauce, and place in a hot oven (425 deg.) and cook for 10 minutes.
Baked Sole with Green Pepper Rings Rub fillets with salt and pepper and place in a greased 9x12" baking pan. Sprinkle bread crumbs over fillets. Combine melted butter and olive oil, sherry, onion, and mushrooms; then pour over fish. Cut pepper in thin rings, remove seeds and arrange over fish. Bake at 350 for 15 min. or until fish flakes with a fork. Serves 6 to 8.
Baked Salmon with Herb Butter Place salmon fillet on a piece of heavy paper or foil and cut out around fish. (Paper keeps the salmon skin from sticking to the rack.) Slide fish and paper onto rack of broiler pan. Blend together the butter, garlic, onion, parsley, lemon juice, basil, salt and pepper. Spread over fillet. Bake in slow oven (300) for 25 to 30 min., depending on thickness of fillet, or until fish flakes with a fork. Serves 8.
Baked Salmon

Make a regular stuffing only leave out fowl seasoning. Add bell pepper. Cook on top of stove a while. Stuff a piece of fish, pour over a pint of milk. Bake till done.

Baked Stuffed Salmon Rub the salmon inside and out with salt and pepper. Mix together all the ingredients except the bacon, stuff the fish loosely, and fasten edges together with skewers (or use poultry pins and lace up.) Place the fish in a baking pan, cover top with bacon slices and bake at 400 for 1 hour, basting occasionally with the pan drippings. Serves 8.

While this recipe is seasoned with thyme, other herbs may be substituted to taste-tarragon, basil, and marjoram are all good.

Baked Tuna (Variation: ½ tsp. marjoram)

Mix the first 6 ingredients. Then add the finely flaked tuna. Break the eggs into the mixture and mix thoroughly. Bake in a casserole in moderate oven for about ½ hour.

Broiled Soy-Salmon Steaks Place salmon steaks in a shallow dish. Combine remaining ingredients except lemon quarters; pour over salmon and marinate for several hours. Drain, reserving sauce for basting. Arrange salmon steaks on greased broiler rack, about 4" from heat. Broil 6 to 8 min. on each side, brushing often with sauce. Serve with lemon quarters.
Cheese and Tuna Hot Dish
Very Good
Cook spaghetti in boiling salted water until tender and blanch. Combine bread crumbs and scalded milk. Add melted butter and the salt. Blend in a bowl the above ingredients with tuna which has been flaked. Add diced pimiento and beat well. Beat the egg yolks and add to mixture. Beat egg whites until stiff and blend with the first mixture. Pour into a pan 10x15"; set in pan of hot water to bake at 350 about 35 min. Serve with condensed cream of mushroom soup.

Mother’s Note: March 19, 1971. Finally tried this, good time while Gene and Debbie are with us. It was very good. Break the spaghetti and measure it; it’s surprising how much one cup makes.

Clam Fritters Sift dry ingredients. Add liquid, beaten eggs, onion and butter. Rinse clams and put through food chopper, add to batter. Fry in shortening.
Crab De Luxe Casserole Add 2 tsp. salt and macaroni to 3 cups boiling water. Boil rapidly, stirring constantly, for 2 minutes. Cover, remove from heat and let stand 10 minutes. Drain liquid from crab meat into measuring cup. There will be about ¼ cup. Remove cartilage from crab and cut with scissors into bite size pieces. Empty soup into large bowl and stir until smooth. Blend in crab meat liquid and milk. Stir in Worcestershire sauce. Fold in almonds, egg, parsley and crab meat. Drain and rinse macaroni with warm water and turn into greased casserole. Pour soup and crab meat mixture over macaroni. Mix lightly. Blend crumbs with butter or margarine. Sprinkle cheese and crumbs over top. Bake at 375 until mixture is bubbly and crumbs are lightly browned, about 30 min. Serves 4.
Crab-Meat Special Early in day: Cook noodles as below. Meanwhile, into melted butter in saucepan, stir flour, salt, pepper, milk. Cook, stirring constantly, until thickened. Toss drained noodles with green peppers, pimento, crab meat, cheese, milk mixture. Four into buttered 1½ qt casserole. Top with rice cereal. Cover. Refrigerate.

About 1 hr. before serving: Start heating oven to 350. Let casserole stand at room temperature 20 min. Bake, uncovered, 40 min., or until bubbling. Makes 6 to 8 servings.

Crab Soufflé
(From Edith Green (T.V.) V.G.

Make basic white sauce: 3 tbsp. margarine, 3 tbsp. flour, 1½ c. milk, salt and pepper, 1 tsp. Worcestershire, ¼ cup catsup. Add ½ lb. crab meat. Pour into ungreased casserole. Bake at 375 to keep warm while preparing topping:

Separate 4 eggs; beat whites with dash of salt, ¼ tsp. baking powder. Beat stiff but not dry. Beat yolks, add salt, dash of pepper. Fold yolks into. whites, spread on top of crab mixture. Bake 18-20 min. at 375.

"This is very good, but try mixing it all together like my salmon souffle; I think it will be still better."-Mother.

Crab Meat Hors D’Oeuvre Loaf
Creamy Alaska King Crab over Asparagus Drain canned crab and slice. Or defrost, drain and slice frozen crab. Melt butter. Blend in flour. Add half and half and milk. Cook, stirring, until sauce is thickened. Stir a small amount of hot sauce mixture into egg yolks. Return to hot sauce mixture. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly, for 1 or 2 minutes. Add Alaska King crab, wine, lemon juice and salt. Heat thru. To serve, arrange toast on individual serving plates. Top with several asparagus spears and creamed crab. Serves 5 or 6.
Fish, Broiled or Boiled

Retain the flavor and juices in the fish you prepare by never overcooking and avoiding high cooking temperatures. Broiling time, 12 to 15 minutes for 3 pounds. Boiling time, 10 minutes per pound. Always simmer, never actually boil.

Five Minute Shrimp Curry Cook onion, garlic, and curry powder in butter until onion is tender. Stir in soup, milk, shrimp, and peas. Cook over low heat about 5 min. Stir now and then. Serve over rice. Makes 4 servings. There is no baking to this dinner. Just cook the rice and pack it into a ring mold for a minute before turning out onto a heated platter.
Fried Abalone

For 1 pound of abalone, beat 1 egg; salt and pepper abalone steak, dip steak in egg batter, roll in flour or cracker meal. Flour is preferable as cracker meal absorbs too much grease in cooking. Have pan very hot, into which put ½ olive oil and ½ butter; see that the oil and butter mixture is very hot before placing steaks in pan. Fry quickly until slightly browned on either side and serve. Caution! Do not fry too long or they will become too tough. 30 seconds on each side is ample. They should be served immediately after cooking, and never be allowed to remain in a warming oven as this also causes them to become tough.

Herb Salmon

Order 2 salmon steaks, ¾" thick. About 50 min. before serving, in shallow dish, combine 1 minced clove garlic, ¼ cup salad oil, 3 tbsp. lemon juice, ½ tsp. each dried thyme and salt. Let fish stand in this marinade 30 min., turning occasionally. Preheat broiler 10 min. or as manufacturer directs. Broil salmon 2" from heat about 3 min. on each side, or until easily flaked with fork. Makes 4 servings.

To cook outdoors, grill marinated fish in folding wire broiler close to hot coals as above.

Hot Crab Salad
(From Lois Whitback Brower)
Combine all ingredients with sauce which follows: 1 tbsp. butter; 1 tbsp. flour; 1¼ cups milk; 1 cup grated cheese; 1 tbsp. Worcestershire; 1 tbsp. catsup; 1 egg; ½ tsp. salt. Bake 1 hour at 350.
Hot Crabmeat Puffs

Whip 2 egg whites until stiff. Fold in 1 cup mayonnaise and 1 cup flaked crabmeat. Season and pile on toast rounds or squares. Sprinkle with paprika. Broil 3 min. until puffy, brown lightly.

Jiffy Tuna Casserole Grease a shallow quart baking dish. Mix soup, milk and pepper until smooth. Add peas, tuna and pimiento. Arrange mixture in layers with potato chips in baking dish. Have potato chips on bottom and top. Bake on center rack of 350 oven about 25 min., or until bubbly hot. Serve from baking dish. Makes 4 servings.
Marinated Shrimp Put the cooked shrimp in a bowl. Mix the tomato juice, lemon juice and rind, parsley, Tabasco, and salt. Stir well and pour over the shrimp. Let marinate refrigerated for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. To serve, drain the shrimp; strain the marinade and then put it in a bowl for dunking. (Each shrimp contains about 12-13 calories.)
Salmon Roll Sublime

Sift 2 cups flour with 4 tsps. baking powder and ½ tsp. salt. Blend with 4 tbsp. butter. Stir in 2/3 to 1 cup milk. Knead lightly on well-floured board. Roll in sheet 2/3 as wide as long. Combine 2 cups (1 lb.) flaked salmon, 1 cup medium white sauce and 1 egg slightly beaten. Spread on dough. Roll as jelly roll. Brush with milk or melted butter. Bake in hot oven (425) about 30 min. Serve hot with a stuffed olive sauce (¼ c. sliced, stuffed olives in 1 cup highly seasoned cream sauce.) 6 servings.

Salmon Soufflé Make a white sauce of first four ingredients. Pour over beaten egg yolks. Add flaked salmon. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites and turn into buttered casserole. Place in pan of hot water and bake 40 min. at 375. Serves 6. Very delicious. When soufflé is done, turn oven off and let it stay 5 min. longer.
Scalloped Tuna and Potatoes
(From Judy Marshall) V.G.
Place everything in casserole, add some Velveeta cheese to sauce. Bake at 350 for 1½ hours.
Shrimp or Crab Burgers
(From Ethel Guglomo)
Mix all together and spread on bun halves. Broil at least 8 inches away from flame until good and bubbly. Serve with potato chips, pickles, etc. Delicious.
Shrimp Barbecue

Crush 1-2 cloves garlic and blend with ½ cup cooking oil, 1 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. coarsely ground pepper, 3 tbsp. chili sauce, 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce, 3 tbsp. vinegar, ¼ cup chopped parsley and a dash of bottled hot pepper sauce. Use a blender if you have one. Rinse 3 pounds shelled, deveined, uncooked shrimp; drain and arrange on 8 skewers. Set the skewers over a baking pan. Brush shrimp with the sauce. Cover with saran and allow to stand overnight, or at least 4 hours, in the refrigerator. When ready to use, broil for 10 minutes, turning frequently and brushing with the marinade when you do. Serve with freshly cooked rice. Garnish with chicory and tiny skewers of orange sections, olives and pickles. Makes 8 servings. Note: If you wish to use an outdoor grill, place the shrimp on skewers about 5-6" over glowing coals. Grill for 10 minutes, turning frequently, and brush with the marinade as you turn. These shrimp are excellent served on colorful toothpicks as hors d'oeuvres as well as an entree.

Shrimp Barbecue Wash shrimp and drain on absorbent paper. Combine with mushrooms in a bowl. Sauté onions and parsley in butter 5 minutes. Cool. Add remaining ingredients. Pour over shrimp mixture. Toss together lightly. Chill for 30 minutes. Cut aluminum foil into six 12" squares. Spoon equal amounts of shrimp mixture on each half. Seal edges by making a double fold along open foil edges. Place packages on grill, over moderately hot coals. Cook about 10-12 min. or until shrimp is tender. Yield: 6 portions.
Shrimp Biloxi Combine the first four ingredients. Lightly coat shrimp with flour and dip into egg mixture. Then coat with crumbs. Let stand a few minutes to dry coating. Pan fry in Wesson, 2 to 4 min., until golden brown. 3-4 servings.
Shrimp Party Hors D’oeuvres or Cocktail

This delicate sauce allows the true flavor of the shrimp to come through. For 6 cocktails, allow 1 pound of cooked shrimp, cut in pieces if large. For the sauce, combine 1 cup of mayonnaise, ½ cup of sour cream, ¼ cup of ketchup, 1 tbsp. lemon juice, and salt to taste. This may be seasoned with chives, curry powder, dill or garlic, according to taste. A variation is to add diced ripe avocado or minced celery or green pepper to the shrimp. For a party, serve shrimp on a large platter with sauce in the center. Serve individually in lettuce-lined dishes or in cocktail glasses, or heap on halved, unpeeled ripe avocados.

Sole with Sauce
(From Muriel Davis) Delicious

Salad oil; garlic; onions, parsley; ½ cup catsup; ½ cup wine; small can mushrooms. Simmer ½ hour. Dot fish with butter and squeeze lemon on top. Broil 7 minutes.

Southern Crab Cakes

Mix together 2 cups cooked crabmeat, 1½ tsp. salt, 1 tsp. dry mustard, 2 tsp. Worcestershire, 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp. mayonnaise and 2 tsp. minced fresh parsley. Press mixture into 8 firm cakes, and chill well. Just before serving dip cakes in flour, then in 1 egg lightly beaten with 2 tbsp. dry white wine, then in fine bread crumbs. Melt small amount butter in skillet and sauté cakes quickly over high heat until golden brown, turning once. Serves 4.

Tuna-Tomato Bake Start heating oven to 375. In saucepan, combine soup, water, milk; bring to boil; lower heat. Stir in grated cheese from macaroni dinner until cheese melts. Mix in uncooked macaroni. Let stand 5 min. Pour macaroni mixture into 10x6 baking dish. Cover with aluminum foil. Bake 20 min., or until macaroni is of desired doneness. Then stir in tuna, mixing well. Cover with tomato slices, sprinkled with seasoned salt. Top with grated American cheese. Sprinkle with paprika. Bake, uncovered, 5 min., or until cheese is melted and golden. Makes 6 servings.
Tuna Cheese Buns Combine all ingredients. Spoon between buns, wrap in foil. Bake at 300 for 10 min. or wrap in foil, refrigerate. Bake at 300 for 15 min.
Tuna Fish Casserole Dish

Cook 1 pkg. noodles or make your own. Boil 3 or 4 eggs hard. Make a good medium white sauce to which you add 1 small onion minced fine and lightly browned in butter. Butter a casserole and add alternate layers of white sauce, green peas, halved eggs, mushrooms and tuna fish. Dot with butter, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and paprika. Bake in medium oven till bubbling well and nicely browned. Make 2 full cups white sauce for ½ pkg. noodles.

Tuna Noodle Bake Empty soup into bowl; gradually blend in milk. Mix in tuna, noodles, and parsley; spoon into shallow baking dish (10x6). Top with tomato. Bake at 350 for 20 min. Makes 4 servings.
Western Shrimp Cocktail To prepare avocado, cut into halves and remove seed and skin. Cut fruit into cubes and sprinkle with salt. Add shrimp. Blend together remaining ingredients and pour over cocktail mixture. Chill thoroughly. Serves four.

Heat soup. Dissolve gelatin in hot soup. Cool slightly. Combine with other ingredients. Chill in ring mold in refrigerator overnight.