Dressing for Any Fowl

Use as much bread as desired. Have it very dry, then soak it in water until soft. Take onion, celery, garlic and parsley and brown in butter. Then add to bread, also sage, poultry dressing and thyme, bay leaf, salt, pepper and eggs; mix well.

Saged Stuffing

Sage cornbread stuffing for a 15 pound bird. Soften ¼ cup of instant minced onion in ¼ cup of water and sauté in ¼ cup of butter or margarine until limp. Remove from heat. Add 7 cups of toasted bread cubes, measured after toasting, 1 quart of toasted cornbread crumbs, ½ cup of celery flakes, ¼ cup of parsley flakes, 3 tsp. each of salt and ground sage, ½ tsp. of ground black pepper, 3 beaten eggs, ½ cup of melted butter or margarine and ¾ to 1 cup of turkey stock or 1 chicken bouillon cube dissolved in 1 cup of hot water.

Toss lightly but thoroughly. Spoon into crop and body cavities of bird, close openings with skewers and lacings. Bake, using your favorite method of roasting turkey.

Simple Stuffing
Very Good

Cook brown “quick” rice according to pkg. recipe. While it steams, sauté 1 to 2 cups chopped celery and onion (equal amounts) in 1/8 lb. butter for 1 cup-a lb. butter for 2 cups. When soft and rice is done, add ¼ to ½ tsp. poultry seasoning and toss lightly together with fork.

Note from the person who gave Mother this recipe: Marie, I use the 1 cup each celery and onion to the 1 cup rice recipe, but you can add or subtract as you make it in future. If made a day or so ahead I sometimes add a few tbsp. sauterne wine plain broth or water. Put a tight lid on casserole and heat in oven about ½ hour or 45 min.