Here's a link to the 2006 yearly letter.

Best wishes from our family!
Charles is 14, and Joseph is 12 years old. 2006 has been an exhausting year.

Both boys learned to ski on Mt. Hood and LOVED it ($$$$).

Joseph discovered Monty Python - ordering Spam.

Here is Joseph as Vizzini in Princess Bride, moments before he died.

We had a lovely spring ...
and visited the Oregon coast ...
where we continue to dig holes ...
and enjoyed the aquarium.

Joseph took a great trip to the Grand Tetons with his class.
Charles completed middle school this year.

July found us in Ohio where we shared stories with Grandpa (note "Pi" shirt) ...
and played with our cousins.

Later we visited Stefan and Anne Marie in Cincinnati.
The Loveland Castle was amazing.
We had a ball swimming and checking out the amusement park.

In August, we saw ALL of the sights in San Francisco:
Hear no evil; see no evil; Charles no evil; speak no evil.
Fisherman's Wharf
Palace of Fine Arts
Hunting for good food.

In the fall, we went to the Renaissance Festival in Oregon so Dave could dress up.

Charles joined the high school jazz ensemble ...
and doesn't mind wearing a tuxedo to perform!

We still love celebrating the holidays ...
Halloween (note pumpkin "Pi"),
and New Year's Eve.

We wish you a happy New Year ...
and a great Groundhog Day!!!

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