Here's a link to the 2007 yearly letter.

It has been a very good year for our family, and a busy one...

but we kept the coffee brewing and pressed on.

Charles is growing up way too fast and is learning to drive!

Joseph is contemplating his place in the universe...

and is rapidly turning into a rebellious teenager.

Jean is looking for a good place to hide the bodies.

Charles had yet another piano recital...

and Joseph enjoyed performing and dancing in his school's version of the play "Wicked".

Charles loves the science-math-technology program at his high school, and won the "Excellent Student" award.

Joseph also got an award for being a smarty pants.

Charles and Joseph have become obsessed with solving the Rubik's Cube...and they can actually do it!

Joseph graduated from Cascadia Middle School. As you can see, the Class of 2007 is an "interesting" bunch.

Joseph's last day at Cascadia Middle School was bitter sweet.

We had a great summer vacation visiting Crater Lake...

and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

The rocky shore was full of surprises...

like this bleached end of a tree (called the "old man of the lake") which has been floating on end in Crater Lake since 1896!

Joseph and Charles had fun hiking around the lake.

Later that summer, Charles went camping on the San Juan Islands off the coast of Seattle...

while Joseph and his friend enjoyed a science summer camp together.

Joseph and Charles also spent a week living on the Linfield College campus studying website design.

In August, we celebrated Dave's birthday at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Casa Grande.

This Thanksgiving we cooked our usual duck dinner; Tom Turkey's life was spared again!

We ate a lot and had many good times together this year.

We hope you enjoyed the holidays as much as we did...

and we wish you a wonderful and joyous 2008!

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