Here's a link to the 2008 yearly letter.

Once again Joseph, Dave, Jean, and Charles send you our best wishes for another great year.

Charles is 16 years old and a junior in high school.

Joseph is 14 years old and a sophomore in high school.

2008 has been a fun and eventful year.

Speaking of eventful, here's an event for you - Vancouver experienced a freak tornado in January 2008. Really scary stuff, but luckily no-one was seriously injured. This is the remains of the local crew club boathouse.

Charles went to his first formal dance last January.

Joseph celebrated his 14th birthday with his good friend Evan, and later that night went to a Blue Man concert with Evan and our family.

Dave had a great time visiting Florence, Italy, for a conference in April.

He enjoyed sightseeing in his spare time.

One of Dave's favorite spots in Florence was the Ponte Vecchio.

Charles is now an accomplished classical pianist and we love listening to him play every day.

Charles had a fantastic time in France with his classmates in June. (Charles is standing in the front row on the far right - modeling the scarf he purchased in Paris.)

The food was great and France was amazing. (Charles is the classy kid with the scarf, third from the right on the railing.)

We had a full house this summer - Cousins Matt and Dana, and our French exchange student, Faustin, all visited with us. Jeans' sister, Jackie, and her husband, Jim, came too. It felt like a real B & B with all the comings and goings!

Uncle Jim drove Cousin Dana all the way from Vermont so she could work as an intern at our nearby Nike headquarters.

It was wonderful for Charles and Joseph to get to know their cousin Dana. She worked as a mechanical engineer at Nike in Beaverton from June until late November and visited with us every weekend.

Our family relaxed in beautiful central Oregon at the very family-friendly Sunriver Resort...

... where we got to hike around in a lava cast forest. The hard lava is filled with holes where the trees used to stand until they were fried by the hot magma flowing down the mountain many years ago.

We also explored lava caves while at Sunriver...

... and did some whitewater rafting. That's us in the front of the raft.

In August, our French exchange student, Faustin (far right), came and spent several weeks with our family.

Faustin really loved our fat cat Simba.

We visited our friends, the Moss family, on the Oregon Coast, where Charles, Dana, and Faustin braved the icy Pacific Ocean water.


Joseph enjoyed climbing around on the rocky coast.

Later in August, Dana's brother, Cousin Matt, came to visit too. We took Cousins Matt and Dana, and Faustin to see our own local (and recently active) volcano, Mt. St. Helens, just a couple of hours northeast of Vancouver.

Dave, Faustin, and Charles stopped for a photo-op on the way down from Mt. St. Helens.

Charles and Cousin Matt at the train station as Matt headed off to Seattle to continue his Northwest adventure.

Dave (or Dumbledore? - you decide) got a new wizard robe for his birthday.

Dave earned his Doctor of Computer Science degree in September. Hurray, the ordeal is finally over!

We hope you have a wonderful year in 2009. Our family wishes you a Merry Christmas, and ...

... a very happy New Year!


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