Here's a link to the 2015 yearly letter.

In December 2014, Charles graduated from the University of Washington with two degrees - one in Electrical Engineering and another one in Applied Mathematics.


Joseph graduated in June 2015 from Western Washington University. He also earned two degrees, one in Psychology and one in Mathematics.


At the end of July, Joseph packed up his room in Bellingham, WA ...

... and said "goodbye" to the beautiful Western Washington University campus, and came home to take graduate-level courses in Applied Statistics.

Charles is working as an electrical engineer ...

... and is renting this cute house,  just a short walk to his job in downtown Vancouver.


It is great to have both of our sons nearby again.  Joseph and Charles love hanging out together.

We continue to enjoy the Oregon coast with its colorful annual kite festival ...


... and the spectacular 4th of July fireworks display.


In August, Dave found a new friend to go with him to the Burning Man Festival.


 They had a bit of trouble on the way there when the RVgot hung up on a pole while pulling up to a curb.


Black Rock City was a little bit dusty...


... but it was worth it to experience all of the amazing sights at the festival, like this traveling Victorian house art-car ...


...  a trebuchet (catapult) launching flaming pianos ...


...  the awe-inspiring temple with its "concentrated humanity" ...


... and, of course,  the traditional burning of the 60-foot Man at the conclusion of the festival.


In September, Jeans' sister Liz came out for a visit, and spent time at the Oregon Coast with us.


Dave still travels the world for his job at Wacom. Due to an unscheduled stop on the way to Japan, he now can say that he has been in all 50 states.


In November, Dave traveled to the island of Madiera, Portugal for a conference. Poor guy!


Madeira is a mountainous volcanic island ...


...  with incredible ocean views ...


...  and tiny villages tucked away in its many valleys.


Our family and our friendly 12-foot snowman wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday and a fantastic new year!



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