Norma Cox's Secrets

(excerpted from Kooks: A Guide to the Outer Limits of Human Belief)

"A crippled and widowed housewife, strangely I have been given the ability to 'see.' With this gift goes an awesome and inescapable responsibility: that of informing the people of my race of the Secrets, the great mysteries of which they know nothing. ..." -- Norma Cox

Norma Cox's stirring exposÚs of the truths that have been deliberately hidden from American Aryans by evil alien pagan gods who live inside the hollow earth and in outer space, are the result of a literal-mindedness ruthlessly applied to everything from UFOs to American History. The bits and pieces of this conspiriologist's knowledge are sewn together into a crazy quilt where leading Jews are sun-worshippers, where Hitler is alive in a warm place beneath Antarctica, and where the Statue of Liberty is a radio tower receiving messages from the moon. A little knowledge may be a dangerous thing, but it is also essential if one is to explain why the world is a complete mess. It seems that the less you know, the more you can explain, and Norma Cox can explain everything.

Norma Cox disseminates her revelations in a regular newsletter, Secrets and in compilations with titles like, The Holyland Above and Below, UFO's and the Dragon Power and Christianity and the Sun God. On first glance at these publications, it looks as though Mrs. Cox blames the Jews for everything, but a closer look reveals that the Jews are merely the tools of a greater power, that of extraterrestrials--better know as the pagan deities Zeus, Apollo, Diana and Satan--who live within the hollow earth.

Mrs. Cox's writings are especially urgent, due to her sincere belief that "here in the United States the White Christian is targeted for extinction," and that soon, there will be a Battle of the Titans, between the heathen gods of the Inner Earth and the One True God and His Son Jesus Christ. "...Christians knowing and spreading the truth of all this will largely survive. The Elect--the Israel of the surface--will go into Earth to join Jacob where together the two forces will take up the fight in a world that, until now, has been unknown to surface dwellers. ..."

Mrs. Cox's powerful vision probes not only into the hidden world beneath the surface, but also deep into the reaches of time, before there were problems, before there were Jews, and before the extraterrestrials--"The Watchers"--came to Earth:

The Watchers came to this planet during the age that preceded the one that saw the world ruled from the island that stood as a flawless green gem in the midst of the Atlantic ocean. ...

... Then and now, at the root of [all afflictions] have been the Watchers, their incredible inventions, their corruptive influence, and the wars they concoct.

Two hundred in number, the Watchers were just that: Watchers. Before they made the decision to give up their positions as workers in the Cosmic scheme for orderly progress, their ships would hang in the high heaven, and from that wondrous vantage point, they would search the different worlds for signs of development, or the deterioration of development . . .Planets with intelligent, advanced beings, or beings simple and savage; planets with lakes and streams and trees on the sides of mountains, or cratered worlds, rocky and bald, and as dry as an old bone. But always the orbs had openings at either end, gateways to a great lighted void in their centers. ...

Of all the worlds watched by the watchers, none caught their fancy as did Earth. ... And nothing caught their attention as did the daughters of the men of planet Earth. ... Finally, when their lust could no longer be contained, they made the decision that would so alter Earth's destiny that never again would she return to the ways of earlier ages: they would make Earth their home and the base for their operations. And they would mate with the comely women of the planet, and they would raise children--demi-gods--by them. ...

...Flagrantly, even defiantly, they were breaking a cardinal law of their Maker: that of mating with a mortal. . . And an angered Creator was not long in imposing a sentence: Banishment to the inner-earth where forever thereafter they would be bound! ...

The offspring of the Two Hundred and the daughters of men were giants. So huge were they that men indigenous to Earth appeared as animated toys. Every thought of the giants was absorbed in wickedness. And their appetites were voracious and insatiable. Consuming all that mortal men had provided for themselves, they took to eating mortal man! This continued until the Lord God decided it had gone far enough. Then He set one giant against another. And the giants killed one another off until only a few remained. ...

According to Mrs. Cox, this struggle between the Watchers and the Creator--The One True God--is what the Old Testament is all about. Cox also believes that the Biblical Israelites--God's Chosen People--are not the Jews, but are, in fact the Aryans, and that the Jews are really the Biblical Canaanites, in disguise.

But Cox doesn't stop there; not content to explain the Old Testament, or even the New Testament, she must also explain all of ancient and modern history, in light of her hidden "knowledge." But, unfortunately, in her enthusiasm to explode every prevailing myth of our time, Mrs. Cox unwittingly explodes her own, as well. Since new evils and deceits are introduced with every passage, sorting out the "good guys" from the "bad guys" is a hopeless task. Norma Cox has something bad to say about everyone.

There is a special place in Norma Cox's heart reserved for Jewry, however; they incur many times more wrath than any of the other groups she writes about. Exposing the "fact" that the Pharisees and Sadducees of biblical times still exist--as the Communists and Zionists of today--Mrs. Cox derives much satisfaction from her observation that there is an eternal struggle between these two despicable factions of World Jewry. As polarized as they seem, it is each faction's dearest wish to do one thing: eradicate the Aryan Race:

...Why would Jews--a tiny minority people--feel such abiding rancor for the people who made it possible for them to obtain the wealth that has enabled Communism and Zionism (Capitalism) to rule the world--albeit behind a curtain? The answer is the fact that the Aryan is the genius, the inventors of all of the tools representing progress; the fact that, except for the Jew's inherent cunning, and his unexcelled cleverness in manipulating money, the Aryan is his superior in every way, and the fact that the Gentile-Aryan is the chosen of the Creator, and not the Jew.
Though the Aryans are the Chosen People, they once worshipped pagan deities like everyone else, and, in fact, Zeus, "The King of the North," is their ancestor, while Satan is the ancestor of the Jews. Jews, though spawned by Satan, worship the Sungod Apollo, who is Zeus' son, and, according to Cox, is in constant battle with Zeus.

In fact, this eternal conflict between the father and son, Zeus and Apollo, is Norma Cox's key to world conflict, past, present and future. Be it Communism vs. Capitalism, Nazi-Aryans vs. Jews, or Republicans vs. Democrats, every struggle on Earth can be reduced to a struggle between Zeus and Apollo. In trying to sort out all of Norma Cox's various battle lines, however, the careful reader might become lost in a hopeless mire. Norma Cox forgets that some Republicans are Zionists, making them both Apollo and Zeus worshippers; even worse, Communists and Nazis share the same deity, Zeus.

... We have been made to believe that communists are atheists steeped in the belief that there is no order of being higher than Man (Humanism); that Man is himself a god. All of which is a lie patently betrayed by the Soviet Flag on which is displayed the Sickle, indicating a final reaping of mankind, and the Hammer of Thor, the Skygod. Also known as Zeus, Thor, the actual god of communists, is the biblical King of the North, the Gog who will come from out of the center of Earth with his armies during the final years to do battle on Earth's surface. ...
The strange bedfellows wrought by Cox's paganalysis of world history doesn't bother her at all; in fact, the inconsistencies actually open up new vistas of deceit and intrigue. For example, once we find out that the Catholic Church is really a front for Apollo, the inevitable conclusion is that not only the Jews, but the Vatican as well, is in on the plot to destroy the Aryan Christians.
Wearing the mask of the Savior, Jesus Christ, the god of Vatican hierarchy is the sungod, Apollo, the Lucifer of Scripture; this, while the moon-goddess, the evil Ashtoreth, the whore of Revelation 17, is paraded as Mary, the mother of Christ. This fraud, perpetrated on Catholics since the time the church took root, has gone so undetected that CBS, the TV network working the communist side of the conspiracy, boldly displays Sungod symbols on the "Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt" show. Unknowing, Christians attending Sunday church service are paying homage not to their Creator and His Son but to the pagan superman whose Sun Chariot daily rides the heaven from east to west. ...
For Norma Cox, the pagan symbols that adorn our world are sinister reminders of the identity of our real masters; most sinister of all are those symbols concocted by our founding fathers, to dupe an entire nation into worshipping aliens. In contact with extraterrestrials, George Washington set the pace for all future presidents:
Enormously ambitious, the "father of our country" was aggressive and without scruples. Giving not a damn for education and the finer side of life, George Washington was a money-grabbing, glory-grabbing charlatan with a bent for deceit and the devious. With the ability to inspire trust and zeal, he was the perfect tool for Masonry. Therefore, he was made privy to the deepest held secrets of that diabolical organization, and allowed to fulfill his insatiable need for power, wealth, and attention. . . What a job lying historians have done on this fakir over the last 200 years!!!

And George Was an occultist who got a tremendous bang out of fooling around with the "supernatural." Of the highest masonic degree, the "father of our country" was in full masonic regalia when he deposited secret objects at the cornerstone laying of the White House. With awe his subjects hailed this expert in the art of witchcraft as the "Worshipful Master." Talking with "angels," this pagan had visions, and by the "angels" and "visions" mapped a course for the newly formed nation--13 states with 13 masonic governors--to follow. Since that time, every man succeeding to the presidency of the United States--whether a mason or a favored member of some other demonic order--has held firmly to the treasonous outline plotted by the sorcerer we have been taught to honor and admire. ...

Years later, the ignorant American citizens were given the Statue of Liberty, which is not only a symbol of the pagan goddess Diana, but also a radio antenna:
With great spikes (ANTENNA) crowning her head and sitting upon a star-shaped base in the midst of flowing water (water, essential for the purpose), this huge COPPER statue (copper, a #1 conductor of electricity) serves a dual purpose:

One, under the cover of a symbol of Liberty, it mesmerizes the citizens into adoring a goddess they know nothing about. Two, with this cover concealing a still more important function, the statue serves as a tower, one that reaching into Heaven, transmits and receives messages to and from the Moon!

Bombarded by the symbols of her enemies every single day, Norma Cox must contend with the knowledge of a deceitful government, evil alien forces within the Earth and in space, pagans parading as christians, and the ignorant masses, brainwashed by TV and Hollywood. Living in hostile environment within a nation run by conspirators bent on exterminating her people, Cox puts her faith in one man only: Adolf Hitler. Convinced not only that he is still alive, but also that he is preparing his forces for the Final War against the extraterrestrials and their dupes, Cox lives in expectation of the redemption of her race.
At the time when a "number in the hand" will be necessary for all who buy and sell, Jacob of the nether world and the elect of Israel of the surface will join hands to fight the enemies of their God and of their white race.

The leader of these combined forces will be Cyrus--not, of course, the physical person of the great white warrior who defeated Babylon in war and established the great white nation of Persia, but the spirit of that remarkable man who achieved the impossible simply because he was found worthy in the eyes of the God of Abraham. ...

Even to his not knowing the Lord God, I can think of no man fitting the character of Cyrus as well as Adolf Hitler. Hitler was not an evil man, except in the eyes of those persons who have had their thinking so twisted that they have come to regard the separation of the races as evil.

Hitler fought to cleanse the planet of the filth that was destroying it. Knowing the plot was to exterminate the white race, he fought to prevent that from happening; further, he sought to put the Aryan in a position whereby he would dominate their enemies.

We are not allowed to forget Hitler and war-time Germany. Nightly, we are presented with an ever on-going television tirade against the man and the country he loved. It all happened so long ago that one may well wonder why it doesn't cease. There can be only one answer: FEAR, the fear that a fourth reich will come from beneath the ice of Neu-Sachwabenland--to square accounts may be well-founded . . . There are many who believe Hitler did not die a suicide; there are many who believe he escaped to a warm place made ready for him beneath the ice of the Antarctic.

Norma Cox and other neglected souls are waiting to be saved--by Jesus Christ, Hitler or the Space Brothers--because they haven't a clue as to how they might save themselves. Feeling angry--but powerless--in the face of injustice, indifference, ugliness and evil itself, they may either give up entirely, or concoct elaborate explanations which identify the culprits and culminate in their own redemption. The familiar biblical and pagan mythologies contain symbols ready-made for this purpose. So it's no accident that when Norma Cox comes along to make sense of the world using those very symbols, her rants and theories--no matter how bizarre--will always ring true to others as powerless as she.

Norma Cox
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© 1995, Donna Kossy